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Instructor-led training through an MEF-ATP is the preparation method used by more than 80% of successful MEF-CECP candidates. MEF-NF and MEF-SDN/NFV training is offered through select MEF-ATPs at this time. 

MEF has developed a network of Accredited Training Providers (MEF-ATPs) to provide MEF-NF and MEF-CECP training. These industry subject matter experts have each been audited by MEF to ensure that their courseware meets or exceeds the requirements for their students to achieve not only MEF-CECP, but the latest MEF-NF certification.

Self Study

MEF provides MEF technical specifications and white papers which are all required reading in preparation for the MEF exams. MEF has also created the MEF Reference Wiki.  The Reference Wiki includes a compilation of the MEF technical specifications and covers the essentials of the topics covered on the related exam topics in an easy to navigate format with direct links to further study materials.   It also contains a gallery of diagrams used by the MEF, a glossary of terms, and a consolidated list of links to all reference documents.  The "Exam Blueprints" are of foremost interest and on this site you will find links to these resources. 

MEF Accredited Training Providers

Instructor–led training through an MEF Accredited Training Provider (MEF-ATP) is the preferred and utilized by more than 80% of successful MEF-CECP candidates. This option enables more thorough yet focused coverage of the study materials, and as such can be a time saving preparation alternative for busy professionals.

MEF has developed a network of Accredited Training Providers (MEF-ATPs) to provide training for MEF Certified Professional exams. These industry subject matter experts have each been audited by MEF to ensure that their courseware meets or exceeds the requirements for their students to achieve certification.

Most MEF-ATPs offer class training, or private onsite for corporate group training in almost any location worldwide. Most will also administer the MEF exams immediately following their training class.

While the MEF accreditation program verifies the basic competency of the training companies, there are a number of individual factors—including the number of MEF Certified Professionals taught by the MEF-ATP, the cumulative pass rate, length, and tuition cost of the course—that the MEF does not regulate and should be considered when evaluating a MEF-ATP company.


Accredited Training Providers
Accredited Training Providers

Why study with an MEF-ATP rather than going at it alone?

  • MEF-ATP training programs range from three to five days. This significantly reduces your study time.
  • Learn from subject matter experts that have been audited and are regularly monitored by MEF.
  • Nothing beats an interactive, instructor-led learning experience!

MEF Accredited Training Provider Overviews

The Carrier Ethernet Academy

The Carrier Ethernet Academy is the industry's first and only training institution focused exclusively on Carrier Ethernet and the work of the MEF. Carrier Ethernet Academy faculty consists of seasoned MEF subject matter experts who have been actively involved in the technical work of the MEF with years of real-world experience deploying Carrier Ethernet.

These contributions were recognized and honored by the MEF with its 2012 Outstanding Contributor Award. To date, the Carrier Ethernet Academy has trained a significant number of the MEF-CECPs around the world. For more information on the Carrier Ethernet Academy’s MEF-CECP Boot Camp training, and a list of equipment vendor and service provider alumni, please visit

Criterion Networks

Criterion Networks provide cloud-based network transformation acceleration solutions enabling the move to SD-WAN, network virtualization and automation use-cases. Criterion Networks is an MEF Accredited Training Provider. We offer trainings, learning-labs, sandboxes and advanced workshop in SDN, NFV, SDWAN and network automation domain. To enable faster adoption of next generation networks, Criterion Networks has built an end-to-end portfolio of products and cloud services to help service providers and enterprises in each and every step of their transformation journey.


ECI The Elastic Network

ECI belongs to a prestigious group of MEF Accredited Training Providers that provide preparation courses for the MEF-CECP certification exam. ECI instructors are certified and have years of industry and teaching experience. ECI Training Services offer tailor-made training workshops with in-depth instruction.

Courses and workshops are held either at ECI training centers or on customer premises.

For more details on ECI training options, visit


Fujitsu Network Communications

Fujitsu provides different MEF-CECP exam preparation options. These include a classroom-based course (taught at your site or at a Fujitsu training facility), the industry’s most comprehensive MEF-CECP study guide "MEF-CECP Study Guide for Carrier Ethernet Professionals" (available in paperback and eBook editions for Kindle and iPad/Android tablets), the "Introduction to Carrier Ethernet: A foundation for MEF-CECP training" study guide, and the MEF-CECP Exam Trainer app providing practice test questions & answers for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows 8 devices. Fujitsu has educated over 4000 Carrier Ethernet professionals via its MEF-CECP training course, CE study guides and MEF-CECP app.

Fujitsu MEF-CECP training material was created by expert MEF professionals including an MEF Distinguished Fellow, the creator of the MEF Professional Certification Program, MEF-CECPs, and co-authors of the MEF-CECP exam questions.

For more details on Fujitsu training options, visit

Perpetual Solutions

Perpetual Solutions’ value proposition is to offer the highest quality learning solutions, which add knowledge to its clients organizations and drives their business value, at an attractive price. The Company’s success is based on the high standard of education solutions it delivers as well as its wide topic range of standard and customized training.

These are delivered directly and also through its partner network. Coupled with its experienced account management team, which offers each client a single point of contact providing up to date relevant information, Perpetual’s clients benefit from a unique service. For more information on Perpetual Solutions’ MEF-CECP training, please visit

SDN Essentials

The Leader in Software-Defined Networking. SDN Essentials is dedicated to being your source for all SDN professional services. With major networking vendors, start-ups and open source initiatives presenting SDN solutions, it has become increasingly difficult for customers to find the solution that fits their needs. The SDN trend is here to stay, and people need education, guidance, and help with software and hardware decisions. SDN Essentials offers training and education, professional consulting and managed services.

For more information on SDN Essentials course information at visit or call 800-462-1708

Tech 2000

Tech 2000 is an MEF Accredited Training Provider, an Apple Authorized Training Provider (AATP), and a Cisco Platinum Learning Partner. Tech 2000 has been a MEF-ATP since 2011 and deliver training with our experts in the carrier Ethernet field. We offer MEF-CECP training in multiple formats, ILT, VILT, Digital Learning, additionally offer assessments to go along with our training which helps ensure you pass the MEF-CECP exam along with a pass guarantee. For our public training schedule, click here.

For additional information or onsite training, click here or contact us at 703.467.8600. Website:

Telefocal Asia

Telefocal Asia (, established since 2000 and headquartered in Singapore, is an independent training and consulting firm focusing on fixed-line and mobile networks technologies and applications. Through its dedicated, multi-disciplinary cohort of highly skilled and experienced trainers and consultants worldwide, Telefocal offers a comprehensive list of training topics that encompasses the entire spectrum of telecommunications technologies - spanning from fundamental course topics such as ...

ABCs of Telecommunications, to advanced ones relating to Cloud Enabling Technologies and latest Mobile Technologies.

Telefocal assists clients to develop competencies required for Access, Core, Transmission Network Technologies, Network Management and Service Applications. Its trainings aim to bridge learning gaps and fulfill training goals for organisations. A spirit of innovation and the constant strive for excellence are interwoven in all its training approaches so as to deliver total customer satisfaction.

Since its inception, Telefocal has trained tens of thousands of students who are scattered in well over fifty countries. It has seen an increasing clientele that bears outstanding testimonials to its commitment and expertise. They are based in Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle-East, North / Central America and include leading operators and equipment suppliers, regulatory bodies as well as a slew of other entrants around the world attracted by emerging new technologies and service applications in the telecommunications landscape.

For more information about Telefocal's MEF-CECP training, please refer to

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