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Citizens Looks Into The Abyss They Have Loaded The Game

Inés Arrimadas has dragged on for days the physical exhaustion typical of a moment of maximum tension. The body accuses the pressure that the leader of Ciudadanos has felt this week, in which her party has starred in a disastrous failed operation to seize power from the PP in Murcia.

The tragic result of this maneuver is the loss of two of its four autonomous governments, in a situation that was already extremely fragile for the party after the crash in the Catalan elections. Ciudadanos has looked into the abyss, and Arrimadas with him.

The president prepares changes in her executive to try to stop the outbreak of an internal crisis that can take the formation forward, in which some of its main leaders already see themselves “as in the Titanic orchestra”, Straight to the bottom of the sea.

The phones have been burning in Ciudadanos since Friday. The extraordinary executive of next Monday, summoned at the request of several barons, is expected as a new catharsis. Conspiracies are running wild. Arrimadas traveled to the headquarters this Saturday and from there called the main faces of the party to try to appease spirits and abort the operations against his leadership.

Toni Cantó weighs from his position in the Valencian Community to request an extraordinary congress and run to try to take the presidency of Ciudadanos from him, according to sources close to this leader, one of the most critical of the party’s performance. She sang doubt, because Arrimadas has control of the internal organs, and believes that she would win if she disputes the presidency.

Some members of the management are considering resigning from the executive this Monday, as a protest if there are no dismissals and not to continue validating a strategy that they disagree with.

Among the most critical group are Cantó, the former Minister of Culture in Madrid Marta Rivera de la Cruz and the former president of the Balearic Islands, José Ramón Bauzá. The winds of defections also threaten parliamentary groups in Congress and the Senate.

PP and Cs in Murcia: Antecedents of a rupture
Everything can blow up. The president of Ciudadanos is very emotionally touched, but she has no intention of resigning and is preparing changes in her executive to try to satisfy the critics. “More people have to participate in decision-making,” say sources of his utmost confidence.

Arrimadas has not yet closed the proposal for internal changes, but its purpose is to incorporate new profiles in the executive, including critics, to avoid dropouts. In the last executive committee after the catalan hit, Toni Cantó requested the resignation of the deputy secretary general and right hand of Arrimadas, Carlos Cuadrado, but the leader defended him.

This time, the meeting will again call for the removal of Cuadrado and his deputy, José María Espejo, according to members of the executive. “You have to stop them,

The meeting is reached with swords raised. Although Cuadrado affirms that he “will not be a problem”, according to sources in his environment, and that the approach of both Arrimadas and his squires will be “totally generous”. “The important thing is that on Monday we leave the executive meeting united,” they concede in the leader’s circle.

Ciudadanos is wounded – time will tell if to death – by a failed operation to remove the PP from power in Murcia, piloted by number two from Arrimadas. The deputy secretary general believes that everything went to ruin because Isabel Franco, one of the three defected deputies, “did not digest” that they bet on Ana Martínez Vidal as president and not on her, who was the vice president of the Government of Fernando López Miras.

Sources from his surroundings also affirm that Francisco Álvarez, another of the defectors, was a mole of the PP. “He went to the meeting where we decided to go ahead with the motion aware of what he would do, although he did not say anything against it, and he leaked everything to the PP.”

The party is divided on what has happened and on the way forward from now on. Most are aware that Ciudadanos is on the precipice; some see no way out. “They have loaded the game. This is a déjà vu from UPyD. Ines is a disappointment. The last executive after the Catalans ended up asking to be judged from then on, and in three weeks they have ended up blowing everything up.

Death will be certified on May 4. If we do not enter the Madrid Assembly, we will be a laughing stock ”, analyzes an important territorial leader. Another relevant leader who is ruling disagrees with that analysis. “UPyD never ruled. We remain in power in Andalusia, Castilla y León and the Madrid City Council. We have hit several shots in the foot I believe that the motion was correct to present it ”.

Francisco Igea, vice president of Castilla y León and former rival of Arrimadas for the presidency, does not make blood and asks for unity. “I have always said that the problem was the verticality of decision-making, and this is one of the most palpable demonstrations.

If your party in Murcia has a problem, solve it in Murcia. If the party leadership imposes all the decisions, that makes each error systemic “, reflects Igea, who draws conclusions from what happened:” First, do not kill yourself. Second, do an analysis of what fails us as an organization, looking for explanations and not guilty.

And third, abandon hyper-leadership ”. Luis Garicano, head of the European delegation, sees a future for Ciudadanos if he changes his focus: “We will be necessary to the extent that we avoid tacticism and give primacy to our values:

Ciudadanos has been in turmoil for two years as a result of its strategic ups and downs. Arrimadas tried to regain the hinge party capable of reaching left and right, but in the turn he collided with an iceberg.

The former secretary of organization goes to the PP

The internal situation in Ciudadanos is of maximum tension in the last hours, and sources close to several parliamentarians assure that the groups in Congress and the Senate “are going to break this coming week.” Cs has ten deputies in Congress and seven senators.

One of them, Senator Fran Hervías, former secretary of party organization, announced this Saturday night that he is requesting his withdrawal from Cs and resigning from his act as senator. Next, Hervías announced his incorporation to the PP.

“Ciudadanos has become a party that is part of the problem and not of the solution, abandoning liberal values ​​and principles to become one more crutch of sanchismo,” says Hervías in the letter announcing his departure. In the letter he also maintains that “sanchismo is incompatible with freedom” and “Spain is governed by a gang, whose sole objective is to annihilate our constitutional framework.”

In Congress, the critics are the deputies Marta Martín and Pablo Cambronero, who asked the management for explanations after the collapse in the elections in Catalonia. Both, in addition, have been on the verge of breaking voting discipline on several occasions in recent months.

The two parliamentarians doubted the support for the states of alarm that Ciudadanos endorsed, although they ultimately voted in favor. They also disagreed with the decision to approve the General State Budgets. In the Senate, Hervías leads a critical current that also includes senators Emilio Argüeso, Miguel Sánchez and Ruth Goñi.

Arrimadas met this Saturday his narrowest circle at the headquarters to study the next movements. The leader “is sunk”, according to several leaders who have spoken with her in the last hours.