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US Senate confirms a Latino as Biden’s Secretary of Education

The US Senate confirms a Latino as Biden’s Secretary of Education. Miguel Cardona was until now commissioner of the sector in Connecticut.

The United States Senate confirmed this Monday the Latin Miguel Cardona as the new Secretary of Education of the Government of Joe Biden . Cardona, who to date served as Connecticut Commissioner of Education, was confirmed in the Upper House with 64 votes in favor and 32 against, according to EFE.

Born in Connecticut to Puerto Rican parents, Cardona is a teacher who since his current position has had to supervise the distance learning of thousands of students due to the covid-19 pandemic. In his new responsibility, he will have the enormous challenge of guiding the Biden government in the strategy of reopening the schools closed after the outbreak of the pandemic.

After being nominated by Biden for the position, Cardona promised that he will do everything possible so that children and young people can access the same educational opportunities.

“For too many students, their zip code and their skin color are still the best predictors of the opportunities they will have throughout their lives,” lamented Cardona, who quoted academic Pedro Noguera as saying that the US has allowed for too long. ” the normalization of failure “. “For too long,” he stressed, “we have allowed US children to finish high school without any idea of ​​how to enter the work force.”

During his confirmation hearing at the Senate Education Committee, Cardona was pressured by several Republican legislators about his position on transgender students in areas such as school sports.

“I believe it is vitally important that education systems and educators respect the rights of all students, including transgender students, and that they are given the opportunities that all other students have to participate in extracurricular activities,” said the new secretary.

Cardona is one of the Latinos nominated by Biden for his Cabinet along with Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, and Xavier Becerra, who awaits Senate confirmation to assume the post of Secretary of Health and Human Services.