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50% Of Self-Employed In Spain Will Not Go On Vacation This Summer

More than half of the self-employed will take a very short vacation this summer. The National Federation of Self-Employed Workers (ATA) warns after conducting a survey of the group, that 42.6% of self-employed professionals will not be able to enjoy their holidays this summer.

Of the professionals who indicate that they will not be able to go on vacation in summer, 54.2% explain that they cannot afford it financially, while 22.5% indicate that they cannot close in summer, since that is when their business is most active. .

Less than 15 days
On the other hand, 41.1% of the self-employed surveyed can afford to enjoy a few days off in summer, although their vacations will not exceed two weeks. According to 85.5% of professionals, their vacation period will be less than 15 days.

In fact, most of them will only be able to enjoy 8 days off. Only 5.1% of the self-employed professionals surveyed can afford a whole month of vacation throughout the year.

Regarding the preferred months to enjoy the holidays, the majority of those surveyed, 64.8% choose the month of August. It is followed by the month of September, with 11.4% of the self-employed surveyed.

Preference for the month of August
Most choose August to enjoy the break because they have no other alternative. 53.7% of professionals say that they choose this time of year because it is when their activity allows them to stop.

However, 23.3% of those surveyed add that they also choose the summer time to rest for a few days as their personal life prevails. Only 21% indicate that it is in summer when their activity stops, so they take advantage of this circumstance to take a few days of vacation.

The data from the report carried out by ATA also show that 95.6% of the group think that their work-life balance and enjoyment of personal life is less than that of salaried employees.

The survey includes the responses of 1,295 self-employed professionals from all over the country, as well as professionals from different provinces, age, sex and activity sector.

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