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Nissan Plans To Delay Ariya Arrival To 2022

Nissan plans to delay the arrival of the Ariya to 2022 due to the lack of microchips. Semiconductor shortages may delay the launch of the 100% electric model at the end of the year for Japan and the next in Europe and the United States.

The good things make you wait. Even if it is because of the scarcity of microchips worldwide. Nissan is seriously considering delaying the launch of its 100% electric Nissan Ariya model, scheduled for after the summer, to put it on the Japanese market by the end of the year.

This delay, confirmed by the executive vice president of the company, Asako Hoshino, would mean that the landing of the Ariya in Europe and the United States would occur a couple of months later, already in 2022.

The Ariya is a full-electric full-size UV S that should represent a commercial boost for the brand, as in the realm of full electrification Nissan had not launched a new electric model since the Nissan Leaf launched in 2010 (which it has subjected to various restylings).

With the Ariya, new autonomous driving technologies will also be introduced such as Nissan’s ProPilot 2.0, an automatic parking function and Amazon’s digital voice assistant, Alexa .

More technology
The Japanese brand announced that it would launch 12 new models in the next 18 months , but what they did not have was a pandemic and the subsequent crisis of semiconductors. Technology in cars and microchips have multiplied by four in ten years and that directly affects the current crisis. The Ariya is strategic for the brand and the delay of the chips weighs down the launch of the model.

As the company has commented, Nissan recognizes that the shortage of chips will affect half a million cars in production this fiscal year. Therefore, it is prioritizing the production of its most popular models and hopes to recover about half of its lost production in the second half of the year.