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Negotiators launch 1220 euros per month of installment

According to the scheme designed by Escrivá’s negotiators, the transition between one model and another would be progressive. Right now the minimum fee, with the flat rate, is close to 60 euros. And it progressively rises to a minimum price of about 288 euros per month .

With the new system, the flat rate would disappear and the self-employed with lower incomes, that is, returns of 3,000 euros per year or less (250 euros per month), would pay 90 euros.

And, at the other extreme, those who had returns of more than 48,841 euros per year (4,070 euros per month) would pay 1,220 euros per month of installment. An amount similar to the 1,245.45 euros that currently represents the maximum fee that a self-employed person can pay.

In other words, according to Escrivá’s scheme, those who pay the flat rate would pay more, those who have run out but have little income would pay less and those who earn more would pay the same. However, the crux of the matter is in that middle band in which most of the 3.2 million self-employed currently operating in Spain would move.

These would go on to pay according to their income, when right now eight out of 10 pay according to the minimum base (regardless of whether they earn a lot or a little).

If we take into account the median (that is, the approximation to what a self-employed person would pay more frequently).

The differences between what they pay now and what they would pay with the new scheme would not be many. Well, currently most pay the minimum fee, 288 euros, and the median with the new system would be 275 euros.