10th Wonju General Gymnasium. Anyang Jung Kwanjang put the brakes on the home team DB’s winning streak. They only lost the lead in the first 37 seconds of the game, but led the entire game and won easily.
The game was decided by rebounding.
Despite being outrebounded 17-25 in assists, 5-7 in steals, 1-4 in blocked shots, and 4-7 in fast breaks, Kwanjang was outrebounded 40-30, especially 17-8 in offensive rebounds.
They were 8-8 in 3-pointers and 8-9 in turnovers. Advantage in three-point shooting (42.1%-29.6%).
(Jung Kwan-jang)
Lee Jong-hyun was the only player to play more than 30 minutes. Daryl Monroe, Park Ji-hoon, Jung Hyo-geun, Choi Sung-won, Bae Byung-jun, and Lens Abando all played 20+ minutes.
Five players scored in double figures.
Park Ji-hoon and Choi Sung-won (4+). Maxwell (2) made 100% of his free throws! Team success rate was a whopping 80.8%.
Maxwell with 8 points and 6 rebounds in just over 10 minutes.
Lens Abando, a 6-footer, also had 6 rebounds and 1 dunk. 토토사이트

Lee Sun Albano, Kang Sang-jae, and Kim Jong-kyu played more than 30 minutes.
Dedrick Lawson and Park In-woong stayed on the court for more than 20 minutes.
Five players scored in double figures, including Kim Jong-kyu, Alvano (19+), Park In-woong, Lawson (15+), and Kang Sang-jae (10).
Kim Jong-kyu shot 7 free throws and hit all of them!
I don’t know why he was struggling when he didn’t have any particular handicap on his record.
Albano, Kang Sang-jae, Park In-woong (4+), Kim Jong-kyu, and Shin Min-soo (3+) were in foul trouble and didn’t play good defense.

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