The Los Angeles Lakers rallied to within one point in the final minute of the fourth quarter against the Miami Heat on Sunday morning, but ultimately fell short in a 107-108 loss. Lakers star LeBron James continued to show his scoring prowess in the game, scoring 30 points, but Lakers head coach Davin Hamm complained to the referees that James wasn’t called for enough fouls.

LeBron was only able to get to the free throw line four times during the game, and Hamm even received a technical foul for arguing with a referee at the end of the third quarter. In the postgame press conference, Hamm said, “I’ve been in this league a long time. All we want is an explanation. Miami is one of those teams that plays rough. We’re not complaining that they played rough. All we’re asking for is a fair call.”

On LeBron’s lack of foul calls, Hamm said, “LeBron only made four free throws. He got hit in the arm multiple times on each of his drives, but the refs didn’t blow the whistle.” 보스토토 도메인

He continued, “LeBron is not a flopper. We want to make plays without relying on the referee’s whistle. It would be nice to get a foul, but the priority is to score regardless. We just want to hear an explanation as to why the referee made the call that he did.”

The Lakers remain in 10th place in the Western Conference with a 3-4 record this season. All eyes will be on them to see if they can rebound against the Houston Rockets on Sept. 9.

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