On April 4, SK held a talent donation event with players from the elementary and secondary school winners of the 2023 Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Superintendent’s School Sports Club Basketball Tournament.

The talent donation event was held at SK Gymnasium in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, with 26 players from Wonmyungcho, Hwagyecho, and Byeongdongcho, who won the Seoul Superintendent’s School Sports Club Basketball Tournament this year, participating in skill training and a basketball game with the team, including instructors Heo Nam-young, Kwon Yong-woong, Kim Dong-wook, Su-hwan, and Kim Gun-woo.

SK also had a great time with the student-athletes, presenting each MVP with a pair of Nike basketball shoes and holding an autograph session.

Go Gun-ha (Won Myeong-cho), who participated in the event, said, “I really enjoyed the time with the professional players, and it was meaningful to receive a lot of basketball tips. It was an honor to play with the players and take pictures with them.”

Choi Eun-sung, a teacher at Hwagye School, also shared her thoughts, saying, “It was a meaningful time for the children to receive basketball lessons from professional players who seemed so far away, and we will definitely come back with a win like the SK Knights in the national championship.” 보스토토 도메인

Every month from October to December, SK invites or visits six elementary, middle, and high schools that won the male and female winners of the Superintendent’s School Sports Club Basketball Tournament to donate their talents.

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