Fifty-seven, five, 24, and 28. These are the round-by-round under-par scores at this year’s SK networks-Seoul Economic Ladies Classic. It shows the roller coaster ride of the tournament, where the tide of the match could change after a night’s sleep. It was a blood-curdling contest for the players, but a ‘honey jam’ drama for the viewers.

“Every hole at Pinx is a key hole. Especially the greens are tricky, so you have to be good at pin striking,” said Lee So-young, and the players maximized their concentration from the first day to attack Pinx. With little wind and soft greens, the leading score of the first round was 8-under par 64. Only 57 players were under par. Lee said, “The greens are really clean. It’s the best condition I’ve seen this season. Even though the speed of the greens was very fast, the condition was good, so I could trust what I saw.”

As it stands, the winning score could be 20-under par or better. The previous best score in this event was 18-under par by Isomi Lee last year. However, the record for lowest score was only one day old. Gusts of up to 11 meters per second blew in during the second round. The wind was a game-changer, and the conditions, which made balls move around on the greens, claimed its share of victims, including six withdrawals. However, there were some strong players, such as Lim Hee-jung, who shot four under par.

By the third round, the wind had calmed down. However, the greens were already firm and the birdie feast of the first day was not to be expected. Having experienced the best and worst of both worlds, the players were left with a lot on their minds. Korea’s Ye Won Lee shows his ‘class’ as he aims for a title sweep. After dropping five shots in the second round with a quadruple bogey, Lee birdied the par-3 fifth hole. Park Hyun-kyung, who lost four strokes in the second round, shot her ‘best score of the day’ by four strokes. The gap between the two days was eight strokes.짱구카지노 도메인

The fourth round began with a tight group of 10 players, with four tied for the lead and three strokes off the pace. The weather was mild enough that the flagsticks on the greens barely moved, but the tricky pin locations tested the players. It was a battle of ‘shot making’ to place the ball on the easy slopes of the greens. By the midway point, a whopping 13 players were tied for 10th place, three shots off the lead, and after the midway point, a two-way battle between Park Hyun-kyung and Lee So-young captured the attention of the cloud gallery. The duel attracted the attention of golf fans, with nearly 40,000 concurrent viewers on the portal site. The on-site gallery also attracted a large number of spectators to the tournament in Jeju, with 4433 visitors over the four days, including more than 1,700 on the final day.

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