The Arizona Diamondbacks are the team that is producing the best surprise this fall. The driving force is the suspicious gaze of those around you.

ESPN pointed out on the 27th (Korean time), “Arizona overturned expectations by using people’s doubts as fuel to advance to the World Series.”

“I think in any field, if someone tells you you can’t do something or someone else can do it better than you, that’s probably the main thing that got you where you are today,” Arizona pitcher Jack Gallen said.

At the same time, he expressed confidence, saying, “It’s not that people thought we couldn’t do it, it’s that no one expected us to be here.”

Arizona was a team that ranked last in the Major League Baseball (MLB) with just 52 wins and 110 losses just two years ago.

This year, they entered the postseason in third place in the wild card (84 wins, 78 losses), defeating the Milwaukee Brewers in the wild card series, and even defeated the LA Dodgers, who won 100 games (62 losses) this year, in the National League Division Series. They advanced to the World Series by defeating the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League Championship Series.

“No one knows the magic that happens inside the clubhouse right now,” Arizona coach Tory Lovullo said. “No one knows what we are capable of every day and how hard we work to make this day possible.”

Those around them assessed Arizona’s inferiority in power and continued to give generous scores to the opposing team, but Arizona did not give in and continued to move forward.

“Our job here is to stay motivated and focused,” Loblo emphasized.

However, they do not forget how people looked at them.

Chris Russo, host of MLB Network’s ‘High Heat’, declared, “If Arizona beats Philadelphia and advances to the World Series, I will retire here.”짱구카지노 도메인

Arizona proudly defeated Philadelphia and won a ticket to the World Series.

Director Lovullo remembered this and left a meaningful ‘warning’, saying, “A promise is a promise. I will not forgive you until you do something unbelievable. That’s all I want to say.”

Arizona, which overturned people’s opinions by reaching the World Series, now continues its challenge for the championship.

Arizona, which is aiming for its first championship in 22 years since 2001, will clash with the Texas Rangers, who are dreaming of winning their first championship, in the World Series starting on the 28th.

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