Heo Sun-haeng (Suwon Special City Hall) won the Withers Pharma 2023 Folk Wrestling Ansan Kim Hong-do Jangsa Wrestling Tournament to claim his fifth career taebaek jangsa title.

Heo defeated Nam Woo-hyuk (Yeongam-gun Folk Wrestling Team) 3-2 in the deciding bout of the taebaek jangsa (80 kg and under) at the Olympic Memorial Hall in Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, on April 26.

He scored a reversal in the first and an arm bar in the second to gain momentum.메이저사이트

He dropped the third and fourth bouts, but won the fifth by taking down Nam Woo-hyuk with a standing rear-naked choke.

He won his second consecutive Ansan Kim Hong Do Jangsa Wrestling Tournament.

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