SK reinforces its determination to win with a fan-favorite kickoff ceremony.

The first-round matchup between Seoul SK and Suwon KT of the 2023-2024 Korean Basketball Association at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on Feb. 22. After the 85-80 victory, SK held a special postgame ceremony. The team held a departure ceremony with fans. Head coach Jeon Hee-cheol, the coaching staff, and the entire roster attended the ceremony and had a great time with the home fans.

“Actually, I wasn’t nervous about today’s game, but I was worried about what I would say if we lost when I heard that there was a departure ceremony. I’m grateful to the players for their hard work, and I’m grateful to the fans who stayed for the ceremony. SK has reached the championship for the second consecutive season. If you continue to support us this season, we will reward you with fun and inspiring basketball.”

Captain Heo Il-young said, “This is my third season with SK as a free agent, and the excitement is more intense than ever. I always feel it, but the fans’ support gives the team a lot of strength. We have a lot of seniors on the team, but if you don’t worry and just support us, we will show you on the court.”

The fans then had a chance to ask the team questions. Newcomer Oh Se-geun and rookie Kim Gun-woo were happy to answer the fans’ questions. Coach Kim Jae-hwan, who until recently worked as a bibongo teacher, received a huge cheer when he answered a former student’s question, “Do you think you can win this season?” by saying, “I told you I don’t ask obvious questions.

An elementary school fan shyly asked Kim, “How do I get good at floaters?” to which Kim replied, “Trade secrets. “It’s a trade secret, I’ll tell you after the season,” Kim wittily replied. Kim Sun-hyung’s plotter class will be made into content for SK’s YouTube channel after the season ends.

There was also a time to talk about the championship promise. Coach Jeon Hee-chul, who won the overall title in his first season, invited 100 fans to have drinks with him. Despite losing the championship game last season, he kept his promise to ride the roller coaster with the fans.카지노사이트

“In the first season, I almost died from drinking, and last season, even though we didn’t win, I almost died from riding the roller coaster. This time, I thought, let’s do something a little more relaxing. We’re going to rent out an entire premium movie theater, have a meal with our fans, and watch a good movie. I’ll even have soju with them,” he said.

Heo Il-young also said, “I like to drink, too, though not as much as the coach. If we win the championship, I will organize a place for the team to have a delicious meal and a glass of soju with the fans after the season ends.”

The departure ceremony concluded with a free photo session and fan signing. The SK players were exhausted after the game, but they smiled at the fans until the end. They had a great time presenting another memory to the fans.

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