Pepper Savings Bank has definitely made a difference, but ‘gun’ Park Jung-ah needs to step up.

Pepper Savings Bank lost 0-3 (19-25/24-26/27-29) against Heungkuk Life Insurance in the first round of the 2023-24 Dodram V League at Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon on the 22nd.

Although it was a complete defeat in terms of set score, the team showed a spicy flavor in the second and third sets as they fought for deuce.

After losing the initiative to Kim Yeon-kyung’s open attack, Yelena’s backhand attack, and Lee Joo-ah and Kim Soo-ji’s backhand attack, Pepper Savings Bank lost the first set helplessly, but fought back to 24-24 in the second set and 27-27 in the third set.

Pepper Savings Bank, which had just registered its first win in its opening two matches by defeating defending champion Korea Expressway Corporation in its home opener, was looking for its first back-to-back wins, but it could not stop Kim Yeon-kyung (20 points)-Elena (23 points).

Unlike Heungkuk Saengsaeng’s duo, Pepper Savings Bank had Yasmin score a game-high 28 points (55% shooting), but Park Jung-ah was held to nine points (33% shooting).

Park, who along with Kim Yeon-kyung is the highest paid player in the V-League (775 million won in total annual compensation), will need to improve her offensive output to ease the burden of receiving, which is her weakness. “We need to find a way to utilize Yasmin and Park at the same time,” Trinzi said after the loss to Heungkuk Sinsaeng, citing this as a challenge this season.

Park, who led the Korea Expressway Corporation to a championship final victory over Heungkuk Sinsa last season, is also known as “Clutch Park” for her league-leading goal-scoring prowess and her ability to make crucial game-changing attacks in the clutch. He has already won five championship trophies.

However, he also has reception anxiety, both internationally and domestically. Her former team, Korea Expressway Corporation, even went so far as to add an extra defensive player to the libero position to mitigate her receiving weaknesses and maximize her offensive potential.

Yasmin alone won’t be enough to stop the favorite. She needs to utilize Park’s offense. Having identified the problem, it will be interesting to see how Coach Trinzi will come up with a solution to maximize the power of the duo.굿모닝토토

Meanwhile, Heungkuk Life (8 points), which has defeated Korea Expressway Corporation (3-0) and Hyundai E&C (3-2) since the start of the season, has won three straight matches to regain the top spot it lost to Hyundai E&C (7 points).

Kim Yeon-kyung, who surpassed the 4,000-point mark in her V-League career, was named the match’s MVP and said, “We had some difficult situations in the second and third sets. All the players played well in their respective positions, so we were able to pull out the win. I think we will be able to show even better performances in the future.”

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