“We still don’t have a lot of balls that strikers like to hit. But I’m sure they’ll adjust quickly.”

IBK is facing a second straight opening loss.

IBK lost to Hyundai E&C in the Dodram 2023-2024 Season V League at Hwaseong Gymnasium on Nov. 21 with a set score of 1-3. It is the second consecutive opening loss after the last match.

Abecrombie and Pyo Seung-ju shined, but they were still unable to connect with Ponpun, especially in the center.

When asked after the game, coach Kim Ho-cheol said, “I thought the opponent’s blocking was high, so I didn’t use the center and looked at the sides. “The ball was choppy, so the attackers came in early and went in late. When the decisive ball comes, we don’t score, and we still need to be more in sync with each other.”

In the case of men’s volleyball, the team had previously signed world-class setter Vlado Petkovic (Woori Capital Dream Six), but he was unable to keep up with the pace and left the team. Asia Quarter also has some good offensive players like Mega (Jung Kwan-jang) Wipawi (Hyundai E&C).

However, Kim Ho-cheol sees Ponpun differently, and when asked about issues such as video review, he said, “We were unlucky in the game. When we needed to score, our attackers didn’t match up with the setter, which led to errors. There were some inconsistencies,” but he also saw hope, saying, “I think we’ll get used to each other sooner or later.”토토사이트

Still, the return of Pyo Seung-ju (19 points) was encouraging. Coach Kim said, “I think he played much better than in the first game. Yuk Seo-young also found some form at the end of the game, which is encouraging.”

The key is Hwang Min-kyung, the team’s highest paid player. “I’m still not feeling well,” Kim said. I need to adjust more. I have the stamina for about one and a half sets, but beyond that, it’s still a bit difficult. Today, I sagged a bit in the first set,” she said, but emphasized, “I’m just glad I did this much.”

She praised Shin Yeon-kyung, who had a number of spectacular digs, saying, “She is indispensable as a libero and as a captain.” For outside hitter Abecrombie, he said, “I wish she would show more cheer at important times. She’s an ace, but she’s too meek,” he laughed.

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