Lee Jae-do continues his streak of consecutive appearances. Lee Jae-do has played in 390 consecutive games, second only to Lee Jung-hyun (Samsung) with 582 games.

Lee missed the KBL Cup tournament in Gunsan. It was due to a fracture in the back of his right hand. An LG official said that after the KBL Cup ended on the 13th, it was unclear if Lee would be able to play in the opening game. However, Lee Jae-do said that he wants to continue his streak of consecutive appearances.

When we met during offseason training in July, Lee said, “It’s my favorite record. If I play until next season, I will have played in 444 consecutive games.” “I want to do it because I think it will be a really meaningful record for me, but if I get greedy, I’m bound to make mistakes. I’m trying not to think about it impatiently, like water flows,” he said, showing his pride in his streak.

Lee Jae-do participated in a court training session at Changwon Gymnasium on the 20th. Fifteen players participated in the training session. Just because a player participated in training doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to play. Three of the 15 players have to be removed from the roster.

“Until the Cup, when I went to the hospital in Seoul last Monday, I was in a situation where even I didn’t believe that I would be able to start this season,” Lee said after the training session, “but after the medical examination, the situation is not so bad. I’m not even vaguely unable to play,” he said, adding, “As a high-paid member of the team, I have to take responsibility, so I expressed that I want to play when I can. Hopefully things will go well and I’ll get a chance to play tomorrow (Nov. 21). I don’t really know if I’ll play or not (as it’s up to coach Cho),” he said, adding that he doesn’t know for sure whether he’ll play or not.

“I’m not limited to a role in any way, and if there’s a role where I can contribute to the team, even if it’s 1% or 2%, I have to do it as a player. I’m ready to do my best in whatever role is given to me,” he added.

It would be a shame to see his streak come to an end.

“It’s my favorite record that I’ve built up over seven seasons (54 games in seven seasons, excluding the season I returned after my military discharge). If I really can’t play, and I’m not contributing to the team, but I’m playing for my personal record, the meaning of the streak will fade. I don’t want to play two or three minutes and keep the streak going,” he said. “It’s up to the team to decide, and I’m ready to do what I can as a senior, as a high-paid member of the team. The rest is up to the manager and the coach.”

Lee Jae-do must be in good physical condition for the coaching staff to play him.

“Actually, I’m not 100%. But it’s okay. (I’m ready to play. I have no problem playing basketball. I’ll be ready. I’m in good shape,” he said confidently.토토사이트

LG decided to include Lee Jae-do in the roster after training on the afternoon of the 20th.

“The preparation process for this season was harder than any other season,” said Lee Jae-do, who is entering his eighth season (10th if you include his debut season and his return from the military). “It was hard, so the routine I had at the beginning of the season was broken, but I have to make it work as much as possible and then show my form, and there is a reason for that. I’m going to make this season work out in my own way.”

Lee will play in his 391st consecutive game when he starts the home opener against Suwon KT on Nov. 21.

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