You don’t know what it’s like to win the first or second set and then come from behind to lose the third, fourth, or fifth set.

We did that in the opening match, in front of our home fans. KEPCO was the painful protagonist.

KEPCO came from behind to lose its home opener against KB Insurance 2 to 3 at Suwon Indoor Stadium on Sunday. After clinching the first and second sets, KEPCO lost the third set in the closing minutes, 24-26, and collapsed early in the fifth set, 11-15.

The difference was between KEPCO’s Tais and KB Insurance’s Bjena. Tais scored 25 points, but her attack percentage was 47.7 percent. She had three service aces, one block, and 12 unforced errors.

Bjorna, on the other hand, scored 41 points on her own. She had 31 attack points, including 14 back attacks. Her attack success rate was 55.4%. She also added five blocks and five service aces to complete the triple crown in her first match. They had 11 errors, but they scored too many points.

KEPCO head coach Kwon Young-min lamented, “It was a bit unnerving.” “In the first and second sets, we didn’t play well, but we were uneasy,” Kwon said, “and in the end, our worries showed.”

Before the match, Kwon was worried that Tais was a late addition to the national team and had only been playing together for three or four days. The chemistry between the domestic players is good, but he was worried that Taisu’s arrival would disrupt it, and his fears were realized.

“We had a chance to finish in three sets,” Kwon said. Normally, our team doesn’t have many errors, but we had a lot today. “I think we will get better as we go,” he said, adding that he had positive expectations despite the disappointing loss.토토사이트

There was something to look forward to. It was libero Ryohei, who came to the Asian Quarterfinals. With a weak defense, KEPCO chose libero Ryohei for the Asian Quarterfinals, and Kwon was very pleased with her first match. “I think the first role of a libero is to receive, and Ryohei did a good job of receiving, and her defense was also good, so that part was flawless,” he said.

The only disappointment was that they ended up giving up a lot of points to their opponent’s ace, Bijena. “Last year, we didn’t stop her very well,” Kwon said, “but this time we prepared a blocking system and a defense to match, and it’s not that we didn’t do a good job, but she did. In addition, Hwang Kyung-min played well on the other side, so we had a tough game.”

The next game is against OK Financial Group. Kwon said, “We played at about 60% today. We lost the first game, but we have a lot of games left,” Kwon said, adding, “We will analyze OK Financial Group well.”

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