My step into the clubhouse after the round was light. A 12-over-par 84. He’s in last place, but he’s smiling. We’re talking about Kim Jae-min, 30, who played last year as a caddie and this year as a player.

‘Kim Jae-min Pro’ is unfamiliar. You may be more familiar with Kim Young-soo, the caddie who won the Grand Prize and the money prize in 2022. Kim was on the sidelines at last year’s Genesis Championship when Kim claimed his first victory in 11 years.

At the time, Kim’s special relationship with Kim was the talk of the town. Kim was called a “golf prodigy” as an amateur, but after his professional debut, he was plagued by injuries and chose to join the Navy. This is where he met his successor, Kim Jae-min. He asked Kim Jae-min, an international student, to caddie for him. The long-term goal was to play professionally together.

Kim Jae-min, who had been playing golf as a hobby, became a professional caddie for Kim Young-soo. He was mesmerized by the gallery cheering for the player and the professional signing autographs. He worked out and trained with Kim, passing the professional test in 2021.

Main sponsor Genesis heard about the defending champion and his caddie, Kim Jae-min, and invited him to compete this year as a featured player. Young Soo Kim readily agreed and supported Kim Jae Min. Kim’s sponsor, The Bigger Hospital, also helped him. Thanks to everyone’s consideration, Kim made his Korean Tour debut.

“Genesis gave me a great opportunity to make my debut on the Korean Tour. I am so honored and grateful. I was very nervous at the beginning of the match and went to a lot of bad positions, but I think it’s all experience. It was a great experience to meet Gunbun Senior,” he said.

The team was finalized for the event last week. Kim Jae-min, who caddied for Kim Young-soo at the Hyundai Marine Choi Kyung-ju Invitational, prepared for the tournament by practicing after work.

He said, “It was different from when I was caddying. I have to walk the course myself, so I have physical problems and it’s not easy. The course is long, and other players say the greens are slow, but they were fast for me,” he laughed.먹튀검증

“(Kim) told me to relax because it’s all good experience. I have nothing to lose here,” he added.

He also has his sights set on the professional tour. Despite playing on the DP World Tour with Kim this year, he hasn’t stopped training. Right now, he plans to compete in the Korean Tour seeding event next week. “If we part ways, I think it will be a good ending for both of us, and I will definitely help my brother whenever I have the time and conditions to do so,” he said.

Kim Jae-min said, “No matter what the outcome of the tournament is, I accept it positively as something good for me. I think it will be a good process for me,” he said.

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