‘Let’s sign him while we’re at it’

The chorus of desperation among Manchester United fans is growing louder. This is after they realized that David de Gea, 33, who had been a stalwart of the team for 12 years until last season, had reappeared in Manchester. Fans expressed their desire to see De Gea re-sign with the club after learning of his arrival in Manchester. This is because goalkeeper Andre Onana, who was brought in after De Gea’s departure, is playing so poorly. Tired of the disaster, United fans are clamoring for De Gea in the spirit of “old is new again”.먹튀검증

“The reason for De Gea’s return to Manchester has been revealed, but the expectations of United fans are growing,” the Daily Star reported on Wednesday (KST). De Gea, who left United at the end of last season, is currently a free agent and lives in Madrid, Spain, with his family. He has yet to find a new club.

De Gea is back in Manchester, England. On social media, he posted a photo of himself sitting in a restaurant with Sergio Reguillon, writing: “Good to see you again mate. United fans were delighted to see De Gea back in Manchester. Some fans thought that United had re-signed De Gea.

However, there was no contact between De Gea and United. De Gea’s return to Manchester was also reportedly to sort out his belongings at his old home in Cheshire, Manchester.

But even after the news broke, United fans were still clamoring for his return. They’re fed up with Onana’s poor performances. It’s not impossible that their wish will come true. If Onana’s form doesn’t improve, the club could bring De Gea back on a permanent basis. As a free agent, he can be signed at any time. De Gea has been training regularly. He’s been posting training videos on social media. It will be interesting to see if De Gea will be back in goal for United.

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