They say a friend who helps in times of need is a true friend. KK Partizan (Serbia) reaches out to ’40-year rival’ Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel).

‘Basket News’, which covers European basketball news, reported on the 9th (KST) that Serbian basketball powerhouse Partizan has offered to provide a home stadium to Maccabi Tel Aviv in a press release. This is a gesture of support for Maccabi, whose season has been disrupted by the civil war in their country.

Partizan defeated Maccabi 81-96 in the first game of the 2023-2024 Euroleague on Nov. 6 in Tel Aviv. The day after the game, Israel was hit by a surprise attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The Israeli army responded, and the fighting has been ongoing for three days.

All sporting and cultural events in Israel have been canceled due to the conflict. Even Israel’s prestigious Maccabi has been canceled. The 2023-2024 Winners League, which was scheduled to begin on Sept. 9 in the country, has been postponed indefinitely. Maccabi is still expected to compete in the Euroleague, which annually showcases Europe’s top basketball club teams. But in the current situation, it is difficult to train the team, let alone digest the schedule.

That’s where Partizan comes in. Partizan is based in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and is one of the country’s most prestigious teams, along with Zverna Zvezda. “On behalf of Partizan, I would like to express our deepest condolences to the people of Israel and Maccabi,” said Partizan President Ostoja Mijailovic.

“For 40 years, Maccabi and Partizan have been great rivals. Our confrontations were always fierce, but always ended with congratulations and a handshake of sincere respect. Unfortunately, Maccabi is now forced to leave his home. We are ready to invite you (Maccabi) to join us as a token of friendship and gratitude for the great moments of history we have shared with each other.”바카라사이트

Maccabi is scheduled to play against Armani Milan in Milan, Italy, on Nov. 13. He is awaiting instructions from the authorities to do so.

Partizan are willing to offer their home stadium to Maccabi. President Mijailovic said: “The players should continue their activities. If Maccabi cannot play in their own country, we are ready to provide them with training grounds, accommodation and a gym where they can play home games. I would like to say that we have friends waiting for him in Belgrade who will provide him with a temporary home during this difficult time,” he added, extending a warm hand to his rival.

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