After winning three consecutive Asian Games (AG) titles, Korean soccer player Hwang Sun-hong returned home to the applause of his fans. “Seungjang” Hwang smiled at the fans’ cheers, but urged the Korean Football Association (KFA) and the Korean Professional Football League to help him.

The U-24 national team, led by Hwang, arrived at Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of Aug. 8. The team won the coveted gold medal in the men’s football final of the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games (AG) on Sunday with a 2-1 victory over Japan at the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium in Hangzhou, China. This is the first time in the history of the men’s AG football program that Korea has won three consecutive gold medals. They also increased their record to six AG soccer titles (1st place).

Hwang Sun-hong made it seven wins out of seven at the AG. He scored 27 goals and conceded just three during the tournament, a literally dominant performance.토토사이트

At the official welcome ceremony that followed his arrival on the 8th, Hwang joked, “It’s strange to be welcomed after being criticized,” and emphasized, “I will do my best to be welcomed more in the future.” Speaking about the tournament, Hwang said, “It was a happy tournament with a really good player-coach team. I made good memories. We won our third consecutive title thanks to the support of the people who stayed up late to cheer us on.” “I would like to give a lot of praise and encouragement to the players,” he added.

Meanwhile, Hwang Sun-hong urged the KFA and the federation to help him manage the national team in the future. “For example, Uzbekistan and Japan, who participated in this tournament, have been preparing for three years. On the other hand, we were uncertain about our training and roster,” Hwang said. “From now on, we need the support of the KFA and the federation before an important tournament.” He cites the call-up training period as an example. “I think we should have the opportunity to train for two to three weeks during the winter training as well as during the A-match. We need help from the KFA, the federation, and the clubs.” In fact, Huang’s teammates at Hangzhou AG had additional training sessions during the A-Match in September and afterward before departing the country.

“In this tournament, no matter which player came out, he did his job, and that’s the strength of our team. Even when we rotated, everyone showed their performance,” he said, praising the team repeatedly. “I want to take all the players in that age group,” he said of the upcoming Paris Olympics. “I also talked to (Lee) Kang-in. I didn’t get a confirmation. I would like to have a squad that includes the six or seven players who were with us this time.”

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