The South Korean baseball team, led by Ryu Joong-il, had to think about replacements until just before they began their short training camp for the Asian Games. Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom) and Koo Chang-mo (NC), who are rehabbing from injuries, were the first to drop out, and Lee Yi-ri (KIA) was replaced by Yoon Dong-hee (Lotte) on June 22.

This was already expected, as the final roster was announced on June 9, rather than closer to the tournament, as requested by the Korean Sports Federation. The long time between the tournament and the roster announcement made it impossible to be confident that there would be no changes, but even with this last-minute reconsideration, there were still injuries.

On the lineup card submitted by Korea before the game against Hong Kong on the 1st, Kwak Bin’s name was written first in the starting pitcher’s spot. However, a line was crossed out and Won Tae-in’s name was written. It can be inferred that Kwak Bin was scheduled to start, but due to some circumstances, he was unable to do so, so the starting pitcher was changed to Won Tae-in.

Kwak Bin, who was expected to be a one-two punch alongside Moon Dong-ju, did not take the mound until the most important game of the group stage against Chinese Taipei on the second day. After the game, which ended in a 0-4 loss, Ryu was asked about Kwak’s status and said, “I’ll talk about it later.”

A day later, on the morning of the 3rd, a KBO official said, “National team pitcher Kwak Bin is unavailable due to gallbladder symptoms in his back before the game against Hong Kong on the 1st. He will also not pitch against Thailand today (March 3). He plans to focus on his recovery in preparation for the Super Round.” The mystery of Kwok Bin’s withdrawal has been solved.

Kwak didn’t take the mound against Japan on Friday, the first game of the Super Round. Instead, coach Ryu Joong-il said, “I think he’ll be available by tomorrow,” adding, “He’s improved a lot.” It seems that Kwak Bin is considering a start against China on the 6th or the medal game on the 7th.

Among the outfielders, outfielder Choi Won-jun has been absent from the three group games and the first game of the Super Round. Even in the game against Thailand on the 3rd, when all the players who had been waiting as backups played, Choi’s face was nowhere to be seen.

On the 5th, a broadcaster commentator mentioned Choi’s condition. Coach Ryu Jung-il said after the game, “His left calf is not good. It was hit by a ball. It’s not comfortable to play right now, so I’m getting treatment.” With only one backup outfielder, Choi Won-jun, the role of starters Kim Sung-yoon, Choi Ji-hoon, and Yoon Dong-hee became even more important.

Meanwhile, South Korea won the first game of the Super Round 2-0 against Japan on Friday. Park Se-woong did not allow a run in six innings, striking out nine. Choi Ji-min and Park Young-hyun, the “youngest lineup” born in 2003, pitched the last three innings of the game. Park came on in the eighth inning and lasted until the ninth. In the ninth, he left runners on first and second without allowing a run to score.먹튀검증

In the bullpen, Noh Si-hwan’s work ethic stood out. He opened the scoring in the sixth inning with runners on first and third in a 0-0 tie with a sacrifice fly to left field. In the eighth inning, he lined a single to left field to bring in Kim Hye-sung from second base.

Manager Ryu Jung-il said, “I expected a pitching battle. Park Se-woong was too good until the sixth inning, and then Choi Ji-min took over. Park Young-hyun had a crisis in the ninth, but he stayed calm and closed well. In the batting order, Noh Si-hwan did a good job.”

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