Paul Pogba (30-Juventus) has tested positive for doping. Whether or not he will be banned has yet to be determined.

Juventus president Cristiano Giuntoli told Italian outlet Repubblica on Tuesday (Oct. 30), “Pogba has taken an anti-doping test. We are waiting for the results.” “We are not considering terminating his contract. We will wait a little longer. We will discuss it with Pogba’s representatives once we have the results.”

For now, it seems unlikely that Pogba will play for Juventus. The Bianconeri will have to start looking for a replacement soon. “We’ll see if we can find a replacement (for Pogba) among the players we have, and then we’ll consider signing a new midfielder,” Giuntoli said.

Pogba failed a doping test during the Juventus-Udinese match on August 20, the opening day of the 2023-24 Italian Serie A season. Pogba, who did not play in the match and sat on the bench, was selected for doping control after the match.

Pogba continued to play in Serie A in a Juventus shirt pending the outcome of his doping test. He came on as a substitute against Bologna in round two and Empoli in round three. Juventus earned a 1-1 draw and a 2-0 win in those two games, respectively.

Local media outlets reported, “Pogba has been suspended for testing positive for drugs. Pogba has three days to find evidence to rebut the charge and present it to the anti-doping tribunal. If he is found to have used drugs again in a second doping test, he could face a ban of up to four years.”

For Juventus, the news comes as a surprise. On March 12, the club announced, “Pogba has tested positive in a doping control test. The Italian Anti-Doping Tribunal has imposed a suspension on Pogba,” and that “the club will prepare the next steps.”

Pogba is likely to receive a four-year ban for testing positive for testosterone. Testosterone is the primary male hormone. It can lead to physical changes, including increased musculoskeletal size, and athletes who have used it have all been disciplined.

Pogba was just starting his comeback when the drug allegations surfaced. Pogba left English Premier League (EPL) club Manchester United for Italian side Juventus in the summer of 2022. He returned to Juventus six years after leaving the club in 2016.온라인카지노

Pogba returned to Juventus from Manchester United in the summer of 2022 with high hopes. However, his first season back was a disaster. Pogba made just six Serie A appearances in the 2022-23 season. In total, he played just over 108 minutes. That’s almost 18 minutes per game. Not a single offensive point. He spent a lot of time in the hospital throughout the year due to knee and groin injuries.

In his second season, his career was jeopardized when he was caught using drugs. If he receives a four-year suspension, he could retire from soccer.

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