After reaching the quarterfinals, the Korean national soccer team’s next opponent is the home team, China, and a one-sided cheering ban has been imposed.

The national team warming up and chanting. After traveling to Hangzhou yesterday and taking a day off, Hwang Sun-hong is back in training.

Huanglong Stadium is the venue for the quarterfinal match against the home team, China. The stadium can hold up to 52,000 people, so he’ll need to be prepared for some one-sided support from the home crowd.

The quarterfinals and final will also be played here, so we’ll need to get used to the stadium if we want to win a third straight title.

Fortunately, our players are very strong.

Baek Seung-ho
“I think the pressure will be on China, and we’ll just have fun and stay calm.”

Top scorer Jung Woo-young, with five goals, is also confident enough to raise his hand for a penalty.

Jung Woo-young.
“I wasn’t conscious of (the boos). When we practiced penalty kicks, I was confident, so I told Seung-ho that I wanted to take it.”

With the possibility of a one-goal fight, mistakes need to be minimized.

“Since I’m a defender, I have the responsibility of not conceding a goal first, so I’m going to prioritize defense and go for offensive overlaps.”레고토토

With tensions running high ahead of the quarterfinals, the Chinese have already made a statement.

It’s a pre-announced open practice, but they’re wary of South Korean reporters and react sharply.

“Why are you taking (photos), why are you (waiting)?”

The fifth of seven steps to victory. Overcoming attitude is also a challenge.

I’m Seok Min-hyuk, reporting for TV Chosun from Hangzhou, China.

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