Ulsan Hyundai Mobis rookie Park Mubin (22, 184 cm) played his first unofficial game. Given that the rookie hadn’t practiced with the team, head coach Cho Dong-hyun was relatively pleased with his performance.

Park came off the bench in a scrimmage against Tokyo Z on Sunday at Kawakashi Gymnasium in Karutsu, Japan, and recorded nine points, six rebounds, and two steals in 20 minutes and 44 seconds. He made three of his seven three-pointers to help the Hyundai Mobis win 112-81.

Park has worn the No. 3 jersey since he started playing basketball in middle school at Hongdae University, and has mostly worn the No. 3 jersey through Hongdae Varsity, the youth national team, and Korea University. He briefly wore number 6 during his freshman year at Hongdae Varsity, but after suffering an injury, he reverted to number 3, which his seniors recommended to him as a good fit. Since it is Park’s number in Hyundai Mobis, he will start his professional career with number 8. “I chose it from the remaining single-digit numbers (laughs),” Park explains.

After being selected by Hyundai Mobis with the second overall pick in the rookie draft on June 21, Park boarded a plane to Japan on June 26 to join the team for training camp. Hyundai Mobis had Lee Woo-seok (5-on-5) and Son Seong-jin (3-on-3) in the national team, and Kim Hyun-soo was excluded from the training camp due to injury. In order to reduce the overload on Kim Tae-wan, as well as to quickly adapt to the team, the team invited Park Mubin to join the training camp.

The 26th was a rest day for the Hyundai Mobis squad. As a result, Park had to play his first scrimmage without having practiced with the team, but he performed well. He took the court for the first time in the second quarter and immediately focused on game management, assisting Ham Ji-hoon on a mid-range shot. He then scored his first points in the third quarter with a three-pointer.

Coach Cho Dong-hyun said of Park Mubin, “I expected it to a certain extent, but he was less physically fit than I thought. However, his ability to solve the game was an advantage that the existing guards, including (Kim) Tae-wan-i, did not have. His passing ability was better than expected, but he needs to learn to keep things simple. I think I need to add more physicality to my defense.”

“I was excited to join the training camp as soon as I joined the team, but I need to quickly grasp the culture and atmosphere of the team so I can play a little more. I joined the team yesterday (Nov. 26) and my calf muscles are a little tight, but that’s something I need to work on.”바카라사이트

Park approached his teammates, including Ham Ji-hoon, Kim Hyun-min, and Kim Tae-wan, whenever he could and asked them questions. He wanted to know more about the team. “Probably (Kim) Tae-wan, my college classmate, talked to me the most openly, but if I have any questions, I ask (Ham) Ji-hoon and all my brothers,” Park laughed.

Hyundai Mobis is scheduled to return to Korea on October 2, with three more practice games scheduled before then. “During the rest of the training camp in Japan, I will work hard to learn more and adapt to the team,” Park said.

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