GS Caltex has unveiled its new uniforms for the 2023-2024 V-League.

After a fresh start to the season by winning the 2023 Gumi Dodram Cup Professional Volleyball Tournament, GS Caltex will once again challenge for the top of the V-League with its new uniforms.

The new uniforms are designed to express the team’s pride as a volleyball team representing Seoul, the city of the world, and to encompass the team’s long history and tradition by representing the year of the founding of GS Caltex’s predecessor, Honam Jungyu.

The uniforms feature a three-dimensional ‘Kixx’ pattern using GS Caltex’s unique color ‘Jade Green’, and unlike the previous season, the uniforms use differentiated fonts and typefaces to express the number and player names to create a sophisticated feel. In addition, neck collars were applied and breathable mesh fabrics were used on the sleeves to enhance functionality.먹튀검증

The jerseys will be available in limited quantities on the GS Caltex Volleyball Team’s official website and from the 28th of this month. In addition to the jerseys, a variety of other GS Caltex Volleyball official products such as key rings, cheering towels, and stickers are also available.

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