Chinese national setter Ding Xia, born in 1990, is taking on a new challenge.

“Ding Xia is the newest member of our team,” Poland’s Chemic Polis announced on March 13. “The 33-year-old Chinese setter, born in Hebei, is a successful player. The 33-year-old Chinese setter, born in Hebei, is a successful player who has won Olympic gold and World Championship bronze medals with the Chinese national team.”

Ding Xia, a 6-foot-5 setter, joined Liaoning in 2013 and briefly played for Beijing in the 2018-19 season. This is his first time playing overseas.

Coincidentally, Chemic Police’s foreign apogee for the 2023-24 season is Elizabeth, who played in the South Korean V-League. She will join the ranks of Turkiye outside hitter Salihah Shahin and Polish national team outside hitters Monica Pedusio, Martina Lukasik and Agnieszka Corneluk.

Ding Xia has also made her mark on the Chinese national team, being named best setter at the 2014 Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) Cup, 2017 Grand Prix and 2019 FIVB World Cup.

“I’m excited and nervous to play in Poland,” said Abdun Dingxia. I’ve been playing volleyball for a long time, but this is my first time abroad. It’s a new culture for me,” said Dingxia, who added: “Chemic is a well-known team in Europe. As a setter, I not only need to distribute the ball, but also be a link to all the attackers,” said Ding Xia.먹튀검증

China, which had been reluctant to let its players go abroad, has changed since Zhu Ting’s 2016 move to Turkiye Bakifbank, especially after a shocking group stage exit at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Foreign coaches are being brought into the Chinese league and players are being encouraged to go abroad. This has led to Ding Xia embarking on a new adventure.

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