On the 14th, Road FC Chairman Jung Moon-hong released a video on his personal YouTube channel “Gaohyeong Life” about the match between “Yakuza” Kim Jae-hoon (34) and “K-1 Legend” Jerome Le Vanner (51, FREE).

In the YouTube content “Breaking Down,” hosted by former Road FC player Mikuru Asakura, Kim faced off against “K-1 Legend” Jerome Le Vanner on March 26. Despite the loss, Kim wants a second fight.

“That was the most painful punch I’ve ever gotten. My legs felt weak,” he said, adding, “I want to do it again (with Jerome Le Banner).”

With such a fiery performance, Jaehoon Kim is currently gaining popularity in Japan. Many Japanese fight fans are looking forward to seeing what he does next.

“I received a lot of DMs saying, ‘Thank you for coming to Japan. This time, I went to the Korea-Japan Alliance. Even though I’m Korean, I got to be the captain. The Japanese teams cheered me on as I walked in at the end. It was a complete Korean-Japanese alliance,” said Kim Jae-hoon.먹튀검증

Meanwhile, ROAD FC will host Gupne ROAD FC 066 on October 29 at Wonju Chiak Gymnasium starting at 2 p.m. KST. The game will be broadcast live on SPOTV, and online on Daum Sports, Kakao TV, and Africa TV.

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