Chinese soccer fans paid tribute to the opposing team’s coach after their team lost an A-match.

The Chinese national soccer team, coached by Aleksandar Jankovic, lost 0-1 to Syria in a friendly match at the Phoenix Mountain Sports Park in Chengdu on Wednesday evening (local time). The Chinese were unable to overcome a 14th minute goal conceded by Tare Krouma in the second half and lost the match.

After the loss, Chinese soccer fans were clearly upset. They booed the Chinese players and cheered and applauded the victorious Syrian players and coach, much to the consternation of Syria’s head coach, Ektor Kuper.

“It was a very difficult game for our team,” he said, according to Chinese media outlet Chedanjubo. We didn’t control the ball most of the time. Fortunately, we defended well and scored a goal,” he reflected.

“It was a very rare experience for me. “I was impressed by the way the Chengdu fans welcomed us,” he added, “and I’m sure our players were too. “It’s rare to see this in soccer. It’s very rare to see an away team win and be cheered all over the world.”스포츠토토

As Couper says, the incident was a result of China’s poor performance and results. Fans in Chengdu publicly protested for refunds after the Chinese national team drew 1-1 with Malaysia at the same venue on Sept. 9.

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