British broadcaster BBC has highlighted the crisis of South Korea coach Jürgen Klinsmann in its online edition.

Klinsmann is preparing for a friendly against Wales in Cardiff, England, on Sept. 9 (KST). The team will then travel to Newcastle to face Saudi Arabia on the 13th. In anticipation of the superstar coach’s two games on British soil, the BBC published a detailed article on Klinsmann’s position. It was written by columnist John Durden, who has written about soccer in Asia, including South Korea.

Klinsmann took over from Paulo Bento, who led the national team to the World Cup in Qatar last year. So far, he’s played four games in two tournaments and has yet to win a game. He’s also spent most of his time between his home in the United States and traveling in Europe, despite promising to be based in South Korea. Along with Klinsmann, the other foreign coaches hired have all stayed in their home countries and in some cases “juggled” existing jobs, which has led to controversy over their work attitudes.

This is a well-known situation in Korea, but this time it has been widely publicized overseas. The BBC reported, “According to calculations by Korean media, Klinsmann has spent only 67 days in Korea out of the six months he has been in charge,” and criticized Klinsmann’s work style for not watching the K League. At the same time, the media also reported expressions such as “I have to do what I can at the international level” and “I am a workaholic,” which Klinsmann used to defend himself.

Director Jürgen Klinsmann. Reporter Hyungkwon Seo

From an outsider’s perspective, Klinsmann’s workaholic attitude may have something to do with Korea’s unique culture. Koreans work the fifth-longest hours in the world.스포츠토토

The media outlet pointed out that Klinsmann could be in danger of being fired, saying, “If he doesn’t get better results in Wales and Saudi Arabia, he can stay in California as long as he wants.

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