KB Insurance has seen a lot of changes in the field position this offseason. Longtime starting setter Hwang Taek-ui was sidelined when he enlisted in the military as a commercial officer. Here, they released Han Sung-jung via trade with Woori Card and brought in Hwang Seung-bin.

This left the team with three setters to lead, including Shin Seung-hoon and Park Hyun-bin. While preparing for the KOVO Cup, Hwang Seung-bin was called up to the national team for the 2023 Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship.

The KOVO Cup will be run by Shin Seung-hoon and Park Hyun-bin. This was their third year and second year in the tournament, so they were still inexperienced. They often showed unstable performance throughout the match, and took turns on the court. As a result, they ended the tournament with a 3-game loss.

Although the Cup ended in disappointment, Dodram’s upcoming 2023-2024 season is set to showcase a better performance. The two players recently met with at KB Insurance’s training camp in the East Sea and said the same thing while reflecting on the Cup.

Shin Seung-hoon said, “Hyun-bin and I talked about leading before the tournament, but I was nervous. I thought it was a good opportunity because Seung-bin’s older brother went to the national team. But there was a lot of pressure. I didn’t play well, so I was more nervous and didn’t show much skill.”

Park Hyun-bin added, “I remember going in and being very nervous and just fighting hard. The setter is the one who has to lead on the court, so I promised myself to do my best, but there were still a lot of disappointing matches,” he said.

Each other’s presence was a great support. “In the last game, I tried to make a difference, but I got substituted again. While I was in the warm-up zone, I thought, ‘It would be a shame to end the tournament like this,’ so I worked hard when I got back in,” he said.토토사이트

He also said, “Hyun Bin-i’s strength is his back toss, but he didn’t look confident. I think he thought a small mistake was big, and because he was there, I was able to overcome it well when I was in trouble.”

In response, Park Hyun-bin said, “I could feel that Seung-hoon was too nervous on the court. He is a setter who leads well enough and runs the game well, so I think he can do better if he relaxes.”

These two players will have to lead KB Insurance in the future. For the rest of the offseason, both Shin and Park vowed to strengthen their mental game. Together, they said, “I don’t have much experience on the court, so I think one mistake in a crucial situation can break my mentality. I think we will be able to play better than before if we gain more experience and improve our mentality.”

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