Jürgen Klinsmann (GER), head coach of the South Korean national soccer team, has revealed details of the team’s upcoming September and October A-match schedule, as well as its roadmap to the World Cup Second Qualifying Round and the Qatar Asian Cup.먹튀검증

In a non-face-to-face press conference with domestic reporters on Sept. 17, Klinsmann shared the latest news, as well as the schedule of the team’s upcoming European and domestic A matches starting in September, and his determination to prepare for them.

Earlier, the Korea Football Association officially announced that the national team will play an evaluation match against Wales in Cardiff on September 8, Saudi Arabia in Newcastle on September 13, and Tunisia at home on October 13. Klinsmann also plans to play a friendly against Vietnam in October.

“We will play Saudi Arabia and Wales in September, Tunisia in October, and the Vietnam game has already been announced in the media,” Klinsmann said, effectively confirming the Vietnam game as the second game in October.

“We have a busy second half of the year with the second round of World Cup qualifiers in November and the Asian Cup. We are discussing with the players and coaching staff (to fulfill this schedule).”

South Korea, which drew 2-2 in its four A matches in March and June, is facing a series of crucial matches in the second half of the year that it cannot afford to waste.

The September A match will be the first in Europe in about two years and 10 months since November 2020. The October A match is essential for the team’s final preparations for the Asian Cup.

Then, in November, the team will face the winner of Singapore-Guam on Nov. 16 and China on Nov. 21 to start the buildup to the 2026 FIFA World Cup North America. In January, the Asian Cup will be held in Qatar, where the team will try to win its first title in 63 years.

Klinsmann emphasized the rigorous schedule, saying, “We’ve had some time abroad (before), but we don’t have a lot of time off after September.”

Currently in the United States, Klinsmann will soon be heading to Europe.

“First, I’ll be traveling to Europe for the UEFA Council meeting at the end of the month. I’ll be watching the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and Europa League group stage draws, and then I’ll be watching some of our international players play before the A-match in September.” Klinsmann will then travel to Cardiff for the A’s match against Wales.

“After the two games in September, we’ll be preparing for the two games in October, and then the World Cup qualifiers in November. In December, we’ll be training with the domestic squad. After that, we will go on a training camp before we arrive in Qatar,” he said, detailing his monthly plans.

Klinsmann also shared his thoughts on the second A match in October against Vietnam. Some have pointed out that Vietnam, ranked 95th in the FIFA rankings, is too weak to be a meaningful test match.

“I would love to play a strong team like Brazil or Argentina,” he said, “but it’s not easy to get an opponent during the A-Match because there are matches on each continent, and I never used the word ‘underdog’ when I asked for an opponent. When we thought about what we could get out of the A-Match, we came to the conclusion that we should play matches to prepare for the Asian Cup.”

“We’re going to be playing a lot of Asian teams in the Asian Cup and World Cup qualifiers, and (the Vietnam game) will help us prepare for that,” he added.

As many teams in Asia are relatively weaker than South Korea, he explained that the game was an evaluation to find a solution to break through the opponents who will play a tight defense.

Meanwhile, the national team will begin the second half of its schedule on September 28 by announcing its roster for the September A match.

Of the players named to the roster, the K League players will be called up at Incheon Airport on September 4 and will depart for England immediately, while overseas players such as Son Heung-min (Tottenham) will join them in Europe.

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