If the last blue dragon was a competition for Jeon Mir, this competition was literally a competition for Kim Taek-yeon.

On August 12, Kim Taek-yeon led the team to the final with a perfect pitch of 7.1 innings, 1 shot, 9K and 1 run against the last Blue Dragon Champion, Gyeongbuk High School. It was the moment when Yoon Tae-hyeon put Incheon High School in the finals again following the bonghwangdaegi three years ago when he played a big role. The highest speed recorded was 150 km/h.

In this competition, Kim Taek-yeon is evaluated as ‘on a different level’. What Kim Taek-yeon is most highly regarded for is his four-seam pitch. It is the common evaluation of the officials that he has a tremendous pitch that cannot be matched even if he knows it. Taekyeon Kim is not a pitcher with many pitches. It’s safe to say that he’s practically a fastball-slider two-pitch pitcher. However, the four-seam stretches without falling near the catcher’s mitt, just by looking at it with the naked eye. His ball tip is pretty good. As a result, 146 km/h has the effect of looking like 150 km/h. First of all, he knows hitters are fastballs, but he doesn’t hit them even with a full swing.

An official from a club who was watching the game that day said, “I think he will be a really good pitcher. The real reason Kim Taek-yeon is good is that batters know that it is a fastball and throw a full swing, but the ball does not hit. I know Mir is also four-seam, and he throws a full swing, but it just doesn’t fit.” All the strikeouts that came out that day came out in that form. That is the biggest reason why Taekyeon Kim is highly rated.

This is because this is what Seung-Hwan Oh, the best finisher of all time in Korea, showed during his heyday. In fact, there were officials who said that Oh Seung-hwan’s rookie days were scented.

The most important thing for a pitcher is whether or not there is a ball that can be used in a professional game. There must be a ball that you don’t even know. It is the common assessment of all officials that Kim Taek-yeon’s four-seam has that level of competitiveness.

That’s not all. Even the jegu is good. The reason Taek-Yeon Kim’s four-seam is difficult to target is that his command is quite high. That’s why there are almost no walks. Kim Taek-yeon threw 64.1 innings and allowed only 10 walks. During the 19.1 innings of this Presidential Cup, only four pitches were thrown. Only one point was allowed on the day.

Combat ability is sufficient. Kim Taek-yeon pitched 6.1 innings against Shingo Yu on August 9, and threw another 7.1 innings on August 12. He didn’t lose his strength at all, even though he was in a situation where he could be quite overpowered. Above all, Kim Taek-yeon said that late in the game he knew he had to finish the game. So he kept trying to take a quick midfielder. He believed in ball position rather than corner work and played fast. He even showed how to adjust the pace with a four-seam. This part was enough to appeal to professional officials.

In fact, it is evaluated that Kim Taek-yeon is a resource that can be developed enough as a starter if given time. However, the breaking ball is still not a plus grade for professional use, and there are no slow breaking balls such as curves. It is evaluated that he is a resource that can play as a starter enough if equipped with a breaking ball because he has good fighting ability and four-seam control. However, selection takes time. However, the evaluation that it is enough to put him on the professional mound right now in the case of salvation is what makes my heart flutter. He showed on this presidential ship that the evaluation that he is a player who can be established as a top-class finisher representing the league within three years at the longest is not an exaggeration.

The Doosan Bears, who had the second pick, were in a bit of a sense of collapse after missing Hwang Jun-seo. But now it seems that I don’t have to leave even a handful of such regrets. There are many officials who are looking forward to what results will come out if Kim Taek-yeon, who spreads stone fastball, is combined with Jamsil Baseball Stadium.

Another team manager who watched the game that day defined Kim Taek-yeon’s evaluation in a short, single word.먹튀검증

“It seems to be the best pitcher out of all the pitchers this year in terms of immediate power.”

Perhaps Taek-yeon Kim will stand out faster than Hyun-seok Jang or Jun-seo Hwang, who were the undisputed top 2 pitchers. Kim Taek-yeon proved this directly in the presidential boat this time.

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