This time, it’s record-breaking news for San Diego’s Ha Sung Kim.

With his 15-game “multi-hit” streak, he’s now tied with Japanese baseball hero Ichiro.

Reporter Hyun Yong Lee.

In the third inning, Kim Ha-sung stepped up to bat for the second time.

He swings the bat, and it’s a clean hit to left field.

[Field reporter]
“It goes out to left field. He gets his 13th hit in 13 games.”

Keeping the momentum going, Kim targets the center field this time and hits a single up the middle.

After watching the ball fly by, Kim claps his hands in celebration of his outstanding play.

It’s a multi-hit game.

With his two hits, Kim has now reached base in 15 consecutive games.

He is tied with Japanese baseball legend Ichiro Suzuki for the most by an Asian major leaguer.

Ichiro had a streak of 15 consecutive games with two or more hits in June 2007 while playing for the Seattle Mariners, the longest by an Asian hitter.

Ichiro is known as a hitting machine, with over 4000 hits since his professional debut.

If Kim reaches base twice more in his next game, he will surpass Ichiro as the longest serving Asian hitter.

The Korean player has also surpassed Choo Shin-soo’s previous streak of 10 games.토토사이트

It’s not over.

Kim has hit safely in 13 consecutive games since the 25th of last month.

Kim will attempt to become the first Asian player to reach base in 16 consecutive games tomorrow against the Seattle Mariners.

I’m Lee Hyun-yong, Channel A News.

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