Where will Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)’s ‘superstar’ Kylian Mbappe go?

Mbappe is currently being treated outside of power at PSG. When Mbappe refuses to renew the contract, PSG is retaliating fiercely. He was excluded from the Asian tour, and from first-team training after his return to the tour. He’s warning that he could spend the rest of next season on the bench.

However, Mbappe has no intention of renewing the contract, and will become a free agent next year. Because of this, PSG has to sell Mbappe this summer. If Mbappe leaves PSG, Spain’s Real Madrid are likely. There were even reports that he had already reached a personal agreement.

Transfer is not known until stamped. English Premier League (EPL) clubs also jumped into the recruitment of Mbappe. The clubs whose names have been consistently mentioned recently are Chelsea and Liverpool. It is known that the two teams who are burdened with the ransom of Mbappe want to rent it. It is said that it will open the way to Real Madrid after a one-year loan.

In this situation, defender Marcel Desailly from the French national team, who played a key role in winning the 1998 France World Cup and Euro 2000, gave advice to Mbappe.

He especially had experience playing for Chelsea from 1998 to 2004. But Desailly urged Mbappe to go to Liverpool, not Chelsea. Why?

“If Mbappe goes to the Premier League, he has to sign for Liverpool,” Desailly told BoyleSports.

As for the reason, he explained, “Chelsea is at the end of the cycle. But Liverpool is not at the end of the cycle. Liverpool have not sold most of their key players and are maintaining their ground and dignity at Anfield.”토토사이트

He also argued that Mbappe was the perfect replacement for Sadio Mane, who left Liverpool.

Desailly said: “Liverpool have been doing well for many years, but they have recently fallen. This has to do with the sale of Mane. Liverpool need an attacker who can play like Mane. But a player with as much influence and presence as last season. “I’m sure Mbappe can definitely fill that hole at Liverpool.”

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