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As space operations proliferate, space security is becoming an increasing concern

Experts expect that unrestricted access and freedom to maneuver in space will be disputed in the future years and decades as more countries and business entities pursue new enterprises.

According to recent research released on August 17 by the Space Foundation and the consulting company KPMG, “space has become an increasingly crucial domain for the defense and national security operations.”

Nearly two dozen corporate CEOs and defense officials were interviewed for the paper “Navigating Space: A Vision for the Space Domain.”

According to the paper, the role of military forces will change as more enterprises venture into space and more nations start on space exploration. Rather than becoming the dominating players in space, military groups will need to collaborate with allies and civilians to guarantee that space remains secure for everybody. According to the research, “a rising number of nations are reshaping their defense structures to realize the importance of space.” “Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are also swarming the domain. And for many military players, this is shifting their focus.”

“In the long run, space will become the essential domain for the national security, exceeding air, land, and sea,” according to US Space Force Chief of Space Operations General John “Jay” Raymond, who has been quoted in the paper.

“I believe that the human footprint in space will grow and that humans will someday live on other planets as we do on the ISS (International Space Station),” Raymond continues. “As human activity expands outside our globe, there will be a greater need to safeguard the domain. In addition, space will be more important as an economic center. The amount of wealth created in the space sector will be enormous in the long run.”

Raymond’s prediction that space would one day become the most crucial sector for national security was confirmed by other specialists, according to Thomas Dorame, who serves as the senior vice president in charge of the Space Foundation. “I don’t think we just heard it from Jay Raymond; I think we heard it from everyone we interviewed with for this report.”

Like other recently formed military units, the US Space Force is still “trying to find out how best to safeguard space, how best to safeguard it, and how best to assure that as a sector, we can function safely,” according to Dorame. “It’s an awareness of how important space is to everything that we do, that there must be conventions and security inside space.”

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