Biden Wants To Give Access To Vaccine To The Undocumented

The president of the United States, Joe Biden , said this Friday in an interview with the Hispanic channel Univision that he will ensure that undocumented immigrants receive the vaccine against covid-19 and food assistance benefits.

In the interview with the journalist Ilia Calderón, from Univision News, Biden highlighted the importance of “all” the undocumented being vaccinated, while expressing his concern for the “thousands of unaccompanied children” found on the US border. with Mexico .

“We want to take care of every child that arrives at the border,” he said in a part of the interview accompanied by his wife, Jill, who, as first lady, assured that “they will make sure that these children are well and receive medical attention.”

Asked about a new check for $ 1,400 to taxpayers, within the stimulus plan that he is promoting to combat the Covid-19 crisis, Biden said he is confident that it will be ready in a week.

He took the opportunity to urge the population to get vaccinated and leave behind any reluctance or mistrust about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. “It’s safe, he was able to assure it, get the vaccine if it’s available” in your area, urged Biden, 78.

The interview will be broadcast in its entirety next Sunday on the program “Al Punto con Jorge Ramos,” the journalist himself announced in this afternoon’s newscast.

Calderón advanced to Ramos that next Monday the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and his US counterpart will meet virtually for the first time and will address such vital issues as those that concern the border, emigration, and cooperation between the two. countries and covid-19.

In advance of the interview, which was conducted during a visit by Biden to Texas, Calderón commented that he asked the president about the bust of the Hispanic union member César Chávez (1927-1993) that appears in the Oval Office of the White House. The president responded to the Univision journalist that the figure of the Hispanic civil rights activist is a source of “inspiration” for him.

Biden recently elected Julie Chávez Rodríguez, the unionist’s granddaughter, as director of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs.

Democrats Criticize Biden Attack On Syria

Several Democratic leaders criticized this Friday the bombing ordered by the president of the United States, Joe Biden, in Syria , the first since he came to power, while Republican legislators supported him , according to EFE.

The Democrats agreed to remind the new president that it is Congress that has the authority to authorize attacks, although others went further by criticizing the United States’ war strategy in the world.

“I am very concerned that yesterday’s attack in Syria will put our country on the path of continuing the same old war rather than ending it. This is the same path that we have been on for almost two decades,” the senator said. and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

For his part, Senator Chris Murphy, who chairs the Foreign Subcommittee for Counter-terrorism, assured that “retaliatory attacks -such as the one in Syria-, which are not necessary to prevent an imminent threat, must be within the definition of a authorization of existing military force from Congress. ”

“Congress must hold this government to the same standard as previous governments, and demand a clear legal justification for military actions,” he added.

Also Senator Tim Kaine stated that “the people of the United States deserve to hear the government’s justification for these attacks and its legal justification for acting without consulting Congress .” “Offensive military action – he added – without the approval of Congress is not constitutional in the absence of extraordinary circumstances.”

Congressman Ro Khanna, a member of the Lower House Armed Services committee, recalled that the Democrats won the elections with the promise of “ending the wars, not escalating conflicts in the Middle East.” “Our foreign policy must be based on diplomacy and law, not on revenge bombings without authorization from Congress,” he said.

Finally, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, one of the most progressive voices in Congress, affirmed that the presence of the United States in Syria “has done nothing to stop the violence, but has exacerbated the pain and suffering of Syrians.”

If Democrats criticized the attack, it was Republicans who came out in support of the bombing ordered by Biden, while urging him to keep up a strong hand on Iran.

Its leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, assured that Biden “acted well within the authorities of his position” and warned that “the attacks against facilities and US diplomatic and military personnel are only one of the first tests for the new government.”

Senator Jim Inhofe, the highest-ranking Republican on the Upper House Armed Services committee, said that “yesterday’s attacks were the correct and proportionate response to protect the lives of Americans.”

For his part, the highest-ranking Republican on the Lower House Armed Services committee, Mike Rogers, assured that “the United States showed last night that attacks against US personnel and interests will not be tolerated.”

The United States launched several attacks on Syrian territory on Thursday against positions of pro-Iranian militias operating in Syria and Iraq in which at least 22 combatants died , according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The bombardment was in response to an attack on the 15th in which a US soldier was wounded and a contractor was killed in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, due to the impact of several Katiusha rockets.

US Strengthens The Security Of The Capitol

The police Capitol Hill has strengthened the security headquarters of the US Congress after seeking “disturbing information” about potential plans of a violent group to try to break into the building on March 4 , the date on which, according to some theories conspiracies, Donald Trump will regain power in the White House.

“We have obtained intelligence on a possible conspiracy of an identified militia to break into the Capitolon Thursday, March 4, “the police force in charge of ensuring the security of Congress affirms in a statement.

The entire perimeter of the building has been fenced off and heavily guarded by the National Guard since last January 6, when a mob An army of Trump supporters stormed the seat of American popular sovereignty .

“Our department is working with our local, state and federal partners to curb any threats against the Capitol. We are taking this intelligence information seriously, ” the statement added. The fears stem from one of the theories of QAnon , the conspiracy movement that claims that the world is ruled by a group of devil-worshiping cannibal pedophiles .

In the weeks leading up to the assault on the Capitol, his followers sold the idea that Trump would declare martial law on January 20, the date of Joe Biden’s inauguration , as a preliminary step to arrest the Democratic leadership and prevent the president-elect from taking possession of the position.

QAnon theory
After that dystopia collided head-on with reality, QAnon changed the date of the Republican’s supposed return to power, moving it from January 20 to March 4, the day the new US presidents were sworn in until 1933. Of the 266 individuals arrested so far for the Jan.6 assault on the Capitol, 13 of them had championed QAnon’s theories, according to a ‘USA Today’ analysis.

The warnings from the Capitol Police collide with the position of the Sergeant at Arms at the head of Senate security. In a circular sent to congressmen on Monday, Timothy Blodgett said that speculation about March 4 had lost steam in internet forums, so much so that protests or violent acts were no longer expected in the capital on that same date.

The cross-evaluations of one and the other coincide with the hearings that these days are being held in Congress to examine the failures of the security forces that led to the attack on Congress two months ago.

The director of the FBI, Christopher Wry , declared the day before that the activity of violent extremist groups operating within the borders of the United States has increased markedly in recent years. His agency is currently investigating 2,000 cases of domestic terrorism , more than double the cases investigated when Wray took the reins of the FBI in 2017.

During Wednesday’s hearings, the head of the National Guard in Washington said that the Pentagon took more than three hours to send reinforcements to the Capitol on January 6, despite desperate requests from his commanders.

A delay that contrasts with the immediate clearance the reserve corps received from the Department of Defense last spring, when thousands of National Guard soldiers were deployed to the capital to respond to protests against racism and police abuse. “The Army leadership told us they were not recommending the deployment of uniformed national guards on Capitol Hill,” Walker told senators.

These delays in the authorization of the Pentagon made it easier for Trump supporters to break into the building with little opposition from the forces of order, which were completely overwhelmed by the hundreds of assailants.

Biden Puts The Poor At The Center Of His Bailout

Senate Confirms Biden’s Nominee for Environmental Protection. Michael Regan will have to rebuild the agency, half dismantled by Trump.

The United States Senate confirmed Michael Regan on Wednesday as the new administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the mission of enforcing the policies against the climate crisis of President Joe Biden, according to EFE. Regan was confirmed with 66 votes in favor and 34 against for his new position, which has ministerial rank.

One of Regan’s first tasks will be to rebuild an agency dwarfed during the Donald Trump administration (2017-2021), which was dedicated to eliminating climate rules and regulations .

Regan, a 44-year-old African-American, began his professional career as an official at the EPA, before being appointed North Carolina Secretary of Environmental Quality in 2017. In addition to rebuilding the agency, Regan’s main mission will be to implement Biden’s environmental policies , whose goals include eliminating fossil fuels from the power grid by 2035 or reducing vehicle emissions.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who voted against Regan’s confirmation, called this Biden program “a war of the far left against American energy .”

The Senate’s confirmation was greeted with well-being among environmental organizations , including the Hispanic group Poder Latinx and the “Confirm Climate” campaign, sponsored by the most important environmental groups in the US to support Regan’s appointment.

In a statement “Confirm Climate” expressed his desire that Regan return science to a central place within the decisions made in the environment agency, in contrast to the approach adopted by the Trump administration.

Regan’s was the third confirmation of the day in the Senate of Biden’s Cabinet members. In addition to the new EPA administrator, the Upper House confirmed with 70 votes in favor and 30 against the new attorney general, Merrick Garland, and with 66 in favor and 34 against Marcia Fudge as the new secretary of Housing and Urban Development. With these three votes, the Senate has already confirmed 16 of Biden’s 23 ministers.

US Senate Approves $ 1.9 Trillion Stimulus Plan

The cavalry is on the march and ready to come to the rescue of the American economy . After two marathon days of negotiations and delaying maneuvers, the United States Senate approved this Saturday the massive Democratic stimulus package to face the pandemic and re- float economic activity , one year after the start of the first confinements.

The law was passed with the opposition bloc of Republicans , unable, however, to halt the first major legislative victory of Joe Biden, which will be able to fulfill the priority promise of your campaign. This new injection of liquidity, in addition to the two previous ones approved during the presidency of Donald Trump , will contribute 1.9 trillion dollars to the US economy .

The stimulus has yet to be ratified in the House of Representatives , but no surprises are expected there, given Democrats’ relatively large majority. A party that had to make last-minute concessions to its more moderate senators to prevent the law from derailing in the Senate, a worthy bobbin lace that ended up also accepting the most progressive wing of the party.

The vote was resolved on completely partisan lines – 50 votes (Democrats) in favor to 49 (Republicans) against- despite the overwhelming support expressed by Americans in the polls. This outcome shows that, while Biden has pledged to seek consensus with conservatives, he is willing to take advantage of his majorities in Congress to advance his agenda.

Economic boom forecasts
“Without this rescue plan, the improvement will go too slow,” said the new president on Friday, responding to objections from Republicans, who fear that the economy will overheat as employment reactivates, the incidence of the pandemic and the vaccination campaign takes cruising speed . Republicans consider that the approved package is excessive and could trigger inflation .

A scarecrow shared by some economists, given the predictions for the second half of the year, in which an economic boom is expected inaudito in several decades. “We cannot afford one step forward and two steps back. We have to defeat the virus, provide essential aid and build an inclusive economy, ”stressed Biden.

The American Rescue Plan , as the law has been christened, includes a direct payment of $ 1,400 to all Americans who earn less than $ 75,000 annually (a limit set at 150,000 for those families filing jointly). It will also extend the $ 300 a week that the unemployed receive from the federal government and that is added to the subsidies provided by the states.

That figure is slightly lower than initially proposed, a concession to more moderate Democrats, who feared it would discourage job hunting. In exchange for this concession, aid to the unemployed – more than 10 million Americans – will not be taxed. parallelchild tax allowances increase .

Money to fight the coronavirus
The management of the pandemic will take other items. The package includes 20,000 million dollars to intensify the development of vaccines against Covid-19 , as well as another 9,000 million to accelerate their distribution.

There is also a lot of money (130,000 million) to help schools reopen their doors after a year of virtual classes and another 350,000 to cover the fiscal holes left by the pandemic in municipalities and states , forced to reduce the services they provide to citizens . There are also grants for specific sectors such as restaurants .

Sleepless night in the Senate
The first major legislative victory of Joe Biden has arrived after one of the longest and injured debates that are remembered in the Senate. The House debated the law for 27 uninterrupted hours , a non-stop marathon that lasted throughout the early hours of Saturday and caused some senators to literally fall asleep at their desks.

The palizón began Thursday, when a Republican amendment forced the ushers of the House to read the entire 628 pages of the law , a litany that lasted for 10 hours and 44 minutes.

It would not be the last procrastination maneuver by the conservatives , who tabled up to two dozen amendments considering that part of the package includes Democratic priorities unrelated to the pandemic or the most immediate needs of the economy.

The uncertainty was compounded by the refusal of Democrat Joe Manchin, possibly the most conservative of his senators, to accept some of the initial proposals. His party took up to 12 hours to convince him, an agreement that came after several concessions to the more moderate sector of the party .

New York Governor Refuses To Resign Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

The sexual harassment allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have been escalating in number and seriousness and now they are six , including two actions that could constitute aggression . The Democrat-controlled state Assembly on Thursday took the step of opening an investigation into a potential impeachment , which could lead to eventual impeachment.

The state prosecutor’s office is also investigating , as well as the Albany police, to which one of the latest accusations has referred. And this Friday the clamor for the resignation reached Washington, where the two senators and at least 12 of the New York Democratic representatives urged their fellow ranks to resign both due to the serious accusations of a sexual nature and those that question the management of nursing homes during the pandemic.

At least before Chuck Schumer, Senate leader and one of the party’s heavyweights , spoke , Cuomo resisted the pressure.

The statement from Schumer and the other senator for the state, Kristen Gillibrand, represents in any case the clearest sign of the almost absolute loneliness of the New York governor at this time. And the scandal inevitably knocks on the doors of the White House of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris .

Defense and attack
In a telephone press conference on Friday, five hours before the senators’ statement, the governor insisted that he would not leave office. “Women have the right to report and encouraged, but (…) it is a question of truth. I did not do (that) what I am accused. Point” .

Cuomo doesn’t just defend himself, he attacks. This Friday, for example, he questioned the motivations and actions and the “lack of experience” of the Democrats in Washington who have called for his resignation, including progressives recently arrived on Capitol Hill such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Jamaal Bowman, but also veterans like Jerrold Nadler.

“The people of New York should not trust politicians who take a position without knowing the facts,” has said in a poisoned dart Cuomo, who has accused them of ” kneeling before the culture of cancellation ” before reiterating his message: ” I’m not going to resign. ”

At the press conference Cuomo has also tried to allege “political motivations” behind the clamor for him to leave office, he has framed it within the struggle between the factions of the Democratic Party and has also tried to paint himself as someone outside the “club of the politics “, despite having three terms in Albany, he is the son of a former governor and has been from secretary in the government of Bill Clinton to attorney general in New York.

The AOC and Bowman statement
“This week, the second indictment of sexual assault and the sixth indictment of harassment were leveled against Governor Cuomo. The fact that the latter has occurred so recently is alarming and raises concerns about the current safety and well-being of the staff of the All of these allegations have been consistent and very detailed, and there are also credible media reports corroborating their accounts, “both congressmen wrote.

Controversial hospital management
Ocasio-Cortez and Bowman cite the New York nursing home scandal , where Cuomo allegedly counted thousands of elderly deaths as hospital deaths rather than nursing home deaths, to avoid a possible Justice Department investigation. A case that the New York prosecutor’s office has also begun to investigate.

“As members of the New York delegation in the House of Representatives of the US , we believe in these women, we believe in the reports, we believe in the general prosecutor and believe that the 55 legislators of the State of New York, including Majority Leader of the Senate (Andrea Stewart-Cousins), who have concluded that Governor Cuomo can no longer lead effectively in the face of so many challenges, “the statement concludes.

Arkansas Almost Completely Bans Abortion

Arkansas almost completely bans abortion. The conservative state will not allow the termination of pregnancy either by rape or incest.

The state of Arkansas passed a law that prohibits the abortion even in cases of rape or incest , hoping to pressure the US Supreme Court to overturn a ruling that in 1973 extended this right to the whole country.

The only exception provided for in the text enacted in this state, bordered by the Mississippi and known for its Christian conservatism , is “saving the life of the mother during a medical emergency,” announced its governor, Asa Hutchinson. The president said he ratified the law because of his “sincere convictions” against abortion.

The text should not go into effect before the summer, and the powerful American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has already announced that it will challenge it in court. The issue still sharply divides the American population, with opposition still very strong, especially in religious circles.

Restrictive laws
Over the last 20 years, the southern and central states of the country have increased the number of restrictive laws on abortion, for example, imposing a width for the corridors leading to operating rooms, forcing many clinics to close their doors.

With this law in Arkansas, those who oppose voluntary termination of pregnancy hope to push for a reversal of a 1973 US Supreme Court ruling that declared that American women had the right to abort. Such a change would allow each state to do its bidding and would further increase territorial inequalities .

“The purpose of this law is to pave the way for the Supreme Court to overturn current jurisprudence,” the Arkansas governor said bluntly in a statement. The temple of American law has been firmly anchored to the right since Donald Trump’s appointment of a conservative judge, just days before his defeat in the presidential election.

Jeanine Áñez Arrested For An Alleged Crime Of Sedition

” The political persecution has begun, ” complained former Bolivian President Jeanine Áñez , who was arrested by the police on Friday night and transferred to La Paz where she refused to answer questions from a prosecutor who accuses her of “sedition. “and” terrorism ” . The Government did not deprive itself of circulating a photograph of her behind the bars of a cell of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc).

Áñez actively participated in the coup against Evo Morales in November 2019, to the point of proclaiming herself interim president, being third in the line of succession in Congress. The first thing he did was show himself to the country with a Bible in hand.

After the electoral victory of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) that brought Luis Arce to the presidency last year , political conditions changed radically again. As part of that turnaround, Áñez can now receive up to 20 years in prison. It is still an irony of history.

That the former interim president, as well as the members of the team of ministers and the leadership of the Armed Forces that first promoted and later legitimized the coup, carry the same accusation on their backs that forced Morales into exile.

“We do not persecute anyone. We are going to give justice to our people,” said the Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo. The Evo claimed the same. “That the authors and accomplices of the dictatorship that looted the economy and attacked life and democracy in Bolivia be investigated and punished .”

Admiral Flavio Arce San Martín has also been arrested. The same as the former Minister of Justice Álvaro Coímbra. “The MAS has decided to return to the styles of the dictatorship. A shame because Bolivia does not need dictators, it needs freedom and solutions,” Áñez reacted on his Twitter account.

2019 episodes
“It is the socialist practice, they lie without blushing, they rewrite stories to justify abuses. It was not a coup, it was constitutional succession due to electoral fraud. Those who did not dare to receive a convulsed country resigned since the main responsible FLEE,” he added.

His account does not match the facts. Amid the political upheaval and a police revolt , the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, Williams Kaliman, “suggested” to Morales that he resign. The president left the country.

First he went to Mexico and then to Argentina. Kaliman will have to sit in the dock, the same as General Sergio Orellana, who succeeded him in office and supported the repressive program of the de facto authorities that resulted in 36 deaths and more than 500 injuries during the first protests against the knock. The government believes that Orellana left the country, as did the former police commander, Yuri Calderón.

Former Government Minister Arturo Murillo , one of the tough men on Áñez’s team, to the point that he celebrated the fact of going out to “hunt down” Morales’ collaborators, is another of the wanted leaders. “My solidarity with the woman, mother and friend ex-president who gave everything for Bolivia, including her freedom. She suffers the abuse of a tyrannical government. Friendly force.”

The legal action may run into problems when presenting your evidence. Defense Minister Edmundo Novillo assured that the military made the documentation and information stored in computers about the operations at the end of 2019 disappear.

“There is not one hundred percent all the information, it is the first data. When the military left coup leaders have cleaned up fingerprints, documentation and cybernetic information. ”

Opponent rejection
The arrest warrants have been rejected by former Presidents Carlos Mesa and Jorge Quiroga . The center-right leader Samuel Doria Medina maintained that President Arce “makes a mistake by letting politicized prosecutors compete” in the persecution of the uniformed men. He recalled in that sense that “relations with the Armed Forces are a delicate matter of the State.”

The right-wing Luis Fernando Camacho also came out to criticize the government. “President, stop turning a blind eye and stop the intimidation and persecution and start working together for the health, employment and economy of Bolivia.” He had a much more leading role than Áñez in the fall of Morales.

Shielded by the ballot box, the current judicial authorities will not dare to touch him, say political analysts. Camacho has just triumphed in the regional elections. Santa Cruz, the most prosperous area of ​​the country and where the rejection of the MAS is most intense, has made it its main authority.

Police Kill At Least 10 People In Protests In Burma

At least ten people have died and 19 have been injured this Saturday during the police charges in the latest protests called in Burma against the coup d’état carried out last month by the country’s military .

Five people lost their lives in two demonstrations called in the country’s financial center, Rangoon , and the town of Pyay, in the Bago region, while another four died during another demonstration early this Saturday in the city of Mandalay , where 19 injured were also registered, half of them in critical condition.

According to sources from the Myanmar Now news portal, among the Mandalay victims are a woman and three men, including a Buddhist monk.

The tenth deceased was identified in the Magway region, according to the sources of the portal, while the total balance of detainees during the last hours already amounts to 36.

The protests continue
Despite the repression, the protesters have returned in the last hours to the streets of Mandalay, where tens of thousands of engineers and engineering students shouted for the end of the military dictatorship and the release of the detained leaders, including the leader ‘de facto’ of the country, Aung San Suu Kyi , under arrest .

“The security forces are trying to scare us so that we won’t join the street protests in the coming days,” Aung Myo Nyunt, a 20-year-old student protester in Mandalay, told DPA. “Their efforts will be in vain,” he assured.

The soldiers and police riot has forced officials and public employees on strike in certain sectors to return to work since the civil disobedience movement threatens a collapse of services, including banking, health, education and transportation. The board called on all banks to reopen Monday and said action would be taken if lenders did not comply.

Aggression against journalists
Likewise, the military junta has intensified its repression against journalists and the media . Thus, the Embassy of Germany in Rangoon has called on the Burmese authorities to ensure that the Polish journalist from the agency DPA, Robert Bociaga , arrested Thursday by authorities in the center of the country, receives “fair treatment and human” .

“The Embassy, ​​also on behalf of the Polish Embassy in Bangkok, has formally requested Burma to report the exact whereabouts of the detained Polish citizen, to grant him immediate consular access and to provide written information on the reason for his arrest and delivery of charges, “the Embassy reported on its Facebook account .

The 30-year-old reporter was allegedly beaten and injured during his arrest, according to another Khit Thit Media journalist. Photos accompanying the message showed Bociaga surrounded by a dozen uniformed men and raising his hands to protect himself.

Escalation of repression
Since the coup began, more than 80 people have been killed , according to the United Nations, and the number of people detained exceeds 2,000, according to the Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners (AAPP). The arrests have also affected the most vulnerable and UN Women has reported that six women have died and about 600 have been arrested during the protests.

Along the same lines, the United Nations Children’s Fund ( UNICEF ) has stressed through the Facebook page of its branch in Burma that the situation “continues to escalate alarmingly” and that at least nine minors have died. They also estimate the number of minors arrested at 700 and denounce that many have been denied access to a lawyer.

Minneapolis To Compensate George Floyd Family With $ 27 Million

George Floyd’s family is waiting for justice for his murder, on May 25 last year, at the hands of the police . The criminal process is already underway with the selection of the jury that must decide on the guilt or innocence of Derek Chauvin , the white agent who for eight minutes and 46 seconds kept his knee on the black man’s neck .

Floyd’s death sparked a wave of protests and a movement against racial injustice in America. For the moment, in any case, the family has already achieved a victory , and a historic one , in the federal civil lawsuitwhich he filed against the city last July. The Minneapolis city council unanimously agreed on Friday to close the case before going to trial by paying $ 27 million , an unprecedented figure in the city.

Floyd’s family, his attorneys and the mayor, Democrat Jacob Frey, appeared together to celebrate the agreement. “It sends a powerful message that black lives matter and police brutality against people of color must end,” said Ben Crump, the Floyd’s attorney. “It is a message that unfairly ending a black life will not be dismissed as trivial, unimportant, or unworthy of consequences.”

The pact (which will allocate less than half a million dollars to the neighborhood where Floyd was murdered) came on the fourth day of jury selection for Chauvin’s trial and immediately raised questions about how it can impact that process and whether it will make it difficult to achieve the impartiality sought. on that jury.

So far, seven members have already been chosen: three white men and one woman, one black and one Hispanic man, and one multiracial woman. The initial oral arguments of the prosecution and defense are expected to begin on March 29. The other three police officers involved in Floyd’s arrest and death will stand trial in another trial that is scheduled to start in August.

Murder charges
Dereck Chauvin’s trial began earlier this week on charges of murder in the second and third degree, and murder in the second degree.

If convicted of second degree murder, the former police officer could face a sentence of between 11 and 15 years in prison, although the maximum is up to 40 years; While the third degree murder charge can mean 25 years in jail and the second degree murder, 10 years, although normally only five years are served.

The other three former police officers – Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao – are charged with complicity in murder and second-degree murder.

All four are out on bail.