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US Strengthens The Security Of The Capitol

The police Capitol Hill has strengthened the security headquarters of the US Congress after seeking “disturbing information” about potential plans of a violent group to try to break into the building on March 4 , the date on which, according to some theories conspiracies, Donald Trump will regain power in the White House.

“We have obtained intelligence on a possible conspiracy of an identified militia to break into the Capitolon Thursday, March 4, “the police force in charge of ensuring the security of Congress affirms in a statement.

The entire perimeter of the building has been fenced off and heavily guarded by the National Guard since last January 6, when a mob An army of Trump supporters stormed the seat of American popular sovereignty .

“Our department is working with our local, state and federal partners to curb any threats against the Capitol. We are taking this intelligence information seriously, ” the statement added. The fears stem from one of the theories of QAnon , the conspiracy movement that claims that the world is ruled by a group of devil-worshiping cannibal pedophiles .

In the weeks leading up to the assault on the Capitol, his followers sold the idea that Trump would declare martial law on January 20, the date of Joe Biden’s inauguration , as a preliminary step to arrest the Democratic leadership and prevent the president-elect from taking possession of the position.

QAnon theory
After that dystopia collided head-on with reality, QAnon changed the date of the Republican’s supposed return to power, moving it from January 20 to March 4, the day the new US presidents were sworn in until 1933. Of the 266 individuals arrested so far for the Jan.6 assault on the Capitol, 13 of them had championed QAnon’s theories, according to a ‘USA Today’ analysis.

The warnings from the Capitol Police collide with the position of the Sergeant at Arms at the head of Senate security. In a circular sent to congressmen on Monday, Timothy Blodgett said that speculation about March 4 had lost steam in internet forums, so much so that protests or violent acts were no longer expected in the capital on that same date.

The cross-evaluations of one and the other coincide with the hearings that these days are being held in Congress to examine the failures of the security forces that led to the attack on Congress two months ago.

The director of the FBI, Christopher Wry , declared the day before that the activity of violent extremist groups operating within the borders of the United States has increased markedly in recent years. His agency is currently investigating 2,000 cases of domestic terrorism , more than double the cases investigated when Wray took the reins of the FBI in 2017.

During Wednesday’s hearings, the head of the National Guard in Washington said that the Pentagon took more than three hours to send reinforcements to the Capitol on January 6, despite desperate requests from his commanders.

A delay that contrasts with the immediate clearance the reserve corps received from the Department of Defense last spring, when thousands of National Guard soldiers were deployed to the capital to respond to protests against racism and police abuse. “The Army leadership told us they were not recommending the deployment of uniformed national guards on Capitol Hill,” Walker told senators.

These delays in the authorization of the Pentagon made it easier for Trump supporters to break into the building with little opposition from the forces of order, which were completely overwhelmed by the hundreds of assailants.

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