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Arkansas Almost Completely Bans Abortion

Arkansas almost completely bans abortion. The conservative state will not allow the termination of pregnancy either by rape or incest.

The state of Arkansas passed a law that prohibits the abortion even in cases of rape or incest , hoping to pressure the US Supreme Court to overturn a ruling that in 1973 extended this right to the whole country.

The only exception provided for in the text enacted in this state, bordered by the Mississippi and known for its Christian conservatism , is “saving the life of the mother during a medical emergency,” announced its governor, Asa Hutchinson. The president said he ratified the law because of his “sincere convictions” against abortion.

The text should not go into effect before the summer, and the powerful American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has already announced that it will challenge it in court. The issue still sharply divides the American population, with opposition still very strong, especially in religious circles.

Restrictive laws
Over the last 20 years, the southern and central states of the country have increased the number of restrictive laws on abortion, for example, imposing a width for the corridors leading to operating rooms, forcing many clinics to close their doors.

With this law in Arkansas, those who oppose voluntary termination of pregnancy hope to push for a reversal of a 1973 US Supreme Court ruling that declared that American women had the right to abort. Such a change would allow each state to do its bidding and would further increase territorial inequalities .

“The purpose of this law is to pave the way for the Supreme Court to overturn current jurisprudence,” the Arkansas governor said bluntly in a statement. The temple of American law has been firmly anchored to the right since Donald Trump’s appointment of a conservative judge, just days before his defeat in the presidential election.