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37000 AstraZeneca vaccines with the Exception

Catalonia has withdrawn the batch of AstraZeneca vaccines that are allegedly related to some cases of thrombosis detected in Denmark and Austria, according to sources from the Ministry of Health.

Salut has already administered 37,000 AstraZeneca vaccines, with the exception of these 2,000 doses that have already been withdrawn “for prevention and pending a report from the European Medicines Agency (EMA).”

“The Department of Health maintains the vaccination plan planned for the following weeks,” say these sources. Communities such as Andalusia, Asturias and Castilla-León have decided, directly, to suspend vaccination with the British antidote.

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The experts consulted by this newspaper defend the safety of AstraZeneca. The epidemiologist Joan Guix, former secretary of the Public Health Agency (Aspcat), insists that there is no evidence that cases of thrombosis are related to this vaccine, but that countries such as Denmark or Austria have stopped immunization for “precaution”.

“We have guarantees that the vaccine has passed all the safety phases, but now what is on the march are the reactions that there may be. And that is done with all drugs,” says Guix.

“The benefit is greater than the possible side effects. Those over 60 years of age are much more likely to have complications from covid,” he adds.

The same is said by the Head of Infectious Diseases at the Vall d’Hebron Hospital, Benito Almirante. “With the measles vaccine, out of every million doses, there is a child who has encephalitis.

But without it, measles would affect one in 10,000 children. The benefit is much greater. Even though the causality of AstraZeneca with thrombi can be demonstrated That would not prevent vaccination “, defends Almirante, who nevertheless believes that these cases have been” incidental. “