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14M Succeed in Times Of 248 Towns

The Republican candidate, Pere Aragonès , reaped the second best result of ERC alone in a regional election and tied for seats with the PSC. However, he lost one in three voters compared to the 2017 elections.

He won in 248 towns a hundred more than three years before, and consolidated his primacy in the south of the country and in Lleida. He also managed to gain ground from the socialists in the metropolitan area and JxCat in Girona and central Catalonia, but without too many ‘surprises’. The highest percentage of voting for Esquerra was in Cervià de les Garrigues (43.2%) and the lowest in Bossòst (10.1%).

For its part, Junts per Catalunya, with Carles Puigdemont and Laura Borràs at the helm, was the leading force in six out of 10 municipalities in Catalonia, but they were a hundred less than in 2017.

If compared to CiU, JxCat recorded the worst result in a post-convergence Catalan election, remaining below 20% of the votes and losing one in three supporters compared to the previous elections.

The province of Girona continues to be the great fortress of Junts, with Amer, the hometown of Puigdemont , as the municipality where it obtained the highest percentage of ballots (58.9%). At the other extreme, Badia del Vallès, where only 2.9% voted for them.