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US Report On UFOs Does Not Find Evidence Of Extraterrestrial Origin

The US report on UFOs does not find evidence of extraterrestrial origin but cannot explain their origin either.

The truth is still out there and it will continue to be surrounded by unknowns, because the Pentagon and US intelligence have found no evidence that Unidentified Aerial Phenomena observed by Army pilots in recent years correspond to alien spacecraft , but neither can they rule it out absolutely or explain the strange movements.

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This was advanced on Thursday by ‘The New York Times’, which spoke with senior administration officials who have already received information about the conclusions of a report that will be presented to Congress before the end of the month .

This document, which will be made public but will also contain an annex that will remain classified , is awaited with great anticipation and has opened a new era of unusual seriousness to address an issue that for decades has fascinated crowds around the world but has also been often treated with scorn and contempt, including from the government.

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The report, according to the newspaper, determines that the vast majority of more than 120 incidents in the last two decades (UAPs) were not originated by any technology of the US armed forces or the government , which would rule out the possibility that the pilots who reported the encounters had come across secret military programs. The version to be declassified includes few more firm conclusions .

The document, for example, admits that it is difficult to explain many of the observed phenomena, including movements such as acceleration or the ability to change direction of flying objects that caused astonishment among military and scientists alike. It also recognizes that potential explanations such as meteorological phenomena are not consistent in all the cases analyzed.

The sources of the ‘Times’ admitted that the ambiguity that beats in the document means that the extraterrestrial origin cannot be ruled out . They also recognized that keeping a classified part will continue to fuel theories and speculations .

US intelligence officials believe that at least some of the flying phenomena could be linked to experimental technology from Russia or China and according to the sources of the New York newspaper there is concern among military and intelligence officials about the possibility that those countries are experiencing with hypersonic technology and much more advanced than the US in this field.

In fact, ” detecting, analyzing and cataloging ” the observations of unidentified flying objects that could represent a threat to the national security of the United States is the mission with which a practically secret program in the Pentagon was created in 2007 , which was operational until The funds ran out in 2012 and it was reactivated last year, partly after the publication in 2017 in the ‘Times’ of an article revealing its existence and including criticism of government secrecy .

It was also last year, during the mandate of Donald Trump, and with the impulse of senators like Marco Rubio, when the report was drawn up, which will now be made public and with which it also tries to eliminate the stigma that habitually surrounded those who gave their testimonies, including military pilots.